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How many of you turkey hunters call in coyotes?


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Here in Pa the phone rings this time of the year. The Eastern coyotes need protein for their pups. Pups are no longer on mothers milk but need protein. The sheep start getting killed one after another.



same hold true for your deer herd. Coyotes know the good protein that fawns make for the coyote pups. If you want to help some of your deer herd now is the time to hunt those fawn and turkey eating coyotes. Nothing better to a coyote pups then a butterball or tender veal like venison to make those coyotes pups have a smile on their face.

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I called in a coyote (at least I guess I did) this year and on instinct shot her. It was a quick decision as the coyote was at the near limits of my comfort zone for distance. I've seen a fraction of the number of birds I've seen last year and the year before and while the coyotes may not be all to blame they aren't helping. :mad:



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Wow talk about a high. Using a predator call to call in a coyote. They are smart too. It quite a challenge.


People tell me that it's easier to call in a turkey then a fox and or coyote?



If any of you would watch a video entitled: "Howling Bucks" you would start to hunt coyotes. The video was filmed in Tenn. It shows how the coyotes know when the whitetail doe drop their fawns. The hunters use fawn decoyos and fawn distress to call in the coyotes. This is the time of the year to hunt coyotes now when the fawns are dropped. coyotes are killing the fawns, and turkey too for the protein for their pups. The video only cost about $5.95 and is sold by Woodwise Call company.



WW240 - “Howlin’ Bucks” with Jerry Peterson



• Non-stop coyote and deer hunting action with decoys? Expand your hunting to include summer coyote control to ensure you’ll have more bucks to hunt this fall. See does Rush directly to a fawn decoy and watch hungry coyotes attempt to eat Your future buck crop! Biologist Gary Cook will show you the link between better deer hunting and coyote population control. Then see whitetails called to the same decoys during the fall.

• (85 min. VHS)


Price: $5.99

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