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Benelli when you going to make a semi 10 gauge?


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lets not be so hasty here sir tuck,,he has an excellent plea,,which is definitely for me,,hmmmmmm we covered this ground before,,,a review is nice ,,first things first,,,10 ga Benelli semi auto,, 22'' barrel,standard stock with mag extension,,limbsaver pad,sling swivels ,oversize controls ,,gold trigger,,4'' chamber,with a rail for some hot Burris optic,,all black of course,,with my name engraved in it.YES

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I don't see a 10 gauge semi-auto Benelli happening anytime soon.


A 10 gauge semi would require just about 100% new parts as little would interchange with the 12 gauge.


If 10's sold like 20's, then I'd think Benelli would be more likely to create a brand new gun.


But maybe a 10 gauge Nova could happen? Cheaper to make for sure.


I'm guessing the demand for 10 gauge is almost non-existant when compared to the demand for 20's and 12's.


I own and shoot a 10, but I think in general, it's a dying gauge....

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Ah yes I would buy a Nova if it was a 10 gauge.

turkey hunters and waterfowl hunters have been using 10 gauge for years.

However predator hunting has really increased accross the United States. I have a single shot 10 gauge I use at twilight conditions at night time over snow. Nice to pick off a red fox coming in to the field mouse sound with a 10 gauge. A Nova pump would give you two more quick shots if you miss him with the first shot. Also coyotes in the east are increasing each year. The coyote hunters would buy a 10 gauge pump or a semi.

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