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Price check on "new" m1 Super 90


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My local gunshop owner found a NIB M1 Super 90, Timber HD, 24" barrel, date code BS (2002 I think) that he forgot that he had. He knows that I like Benelli's and said that he would sell it to me for $ 699.00. Is this a good deal? I wasn't sure since the new M2's are out and didn't know what new left over M1's are going for. Thanks in advance....Randy

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Any Benelli in 24" is most likely going to sell cheaper than the other barrel lengths.


Dealer Cost is only $800 on a 2008 NIB M2 in 12 or 20 gauge.


I seem to recall lots of Timber short barrel M1's out there a few years ago. I think they even had a 21" bbl version, but that might have been in Real Tree.


I've seen like NIB M1's in black for $500, quite a few actually.


But $699 sounds pretty good to me for any NIB M1. Given that it's NIB, the warranty should apply as well.

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Just prior to retiring, the government computer I was useing was under the control of the Air Force. Any sight with cetain key words were automatically blocked as were many groups of URL that were deemed not acceptable for work. Naturally there was 24 hour monitoring and tracking. Because of my job requiring purchasing items that were unconventional, some restrictions were lifted for me. Of course some days a comm specialist would phone me and ask why I was on a certain sight. I guess I can say "I feel your pain". Thank goodness for home computers.

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