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SBS/BBL work


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Hi I was asked to make a post in here regarding bbl work /shortening and refinshing.


I have been doing Benelli bbls for a few years,and have a pretty good reputation for quality work.


I shorten, shim, and re-parkerize so that it looks like the factory did it themselves.



If you are in need of such services, please do not hesitate to ask, I will answer all questions promptly, and with as much detail as I can impart.


All work is done in a timely manner, and comes with a warranty for workmanship, and materials used.


I also do trigger tuning.


If the bbl is to be shortened, please provide a copy of your approved form 1 with your bbl, so that we all can avoid problems.


Thank you in advance for your consideration.:cool:

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Warped, I saw some people having 'warranty' issues on this kind of SBS conversion work by some guy over at AR15.com. Any comments about how that chaps your butt to see people wrecking barrels and screwing customers? I'd really like your expert opinion on this, what do you think the customers should do?:rolleyes:





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As to the WTF in the picture there it looks to me like a TIG weld...not sure that that would be the greatest thing for a barrel but it would explain why it warped because there was too much heat...I hear welding takes some heat :-P


It was soldered/brazed, we got to de-f*** the barrel for the customer. Instead of using a heat sink and a bushing like he should have, he piled brazing on till the sight and barrel lug heights were correct. Considering that an M4 barrel is about .050" thick at that point and he needed to shim the height about .110", you can guess how much heat was being dumped on that thin Benelli barrel. The barrel was horribly warped (including the alignment of the sight and barrel lug) and the temper of the steel was ruined, the barrel was so hard that it was a PITA to cut. This guy shouldn't be allowed to touch a gun without adult supervision :(

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Fortunately, we were able to fix it without having to scrap the barrel. The last 2.6" of the barrel were wrecked and our breaching attachments only add 2" to the barrel so we machined a custom extended version of our KA-1212BR that would add 2.75" to the barrel and radiused the bottom of it to fully clear the mag cap. We chopped out the bad section of barrel, resized the barrel lug and front sight to the right heights and had them TIG'ed to the breacher, then silversoldered the breacher to the barrel with a heat sink in place and reparkerized the barrel ass'y. It was by far the biggest PITA breacher install we've ever done, but it came out really nice and saved the customer from having to buy a new $900 barrel because some hack screwed it up. Warped didn't even refund the $200 he charged for the "job" and made a bazillion excuses. Moral of the story is this, if you F-up a customer's barrel, replace it instead of sending it back to the customer and acting like nothing was wrong. To f-up a job, not replace it or make it right, AND not refunding the $$$ is pure BS. If he had ripped us off like that we would have expensed out a pair of plane tickets to Illinois and collected a refund and reimbursement for the plane tickets in person. We've had to do it before, really surprises the **** out of sheisters when you show up on their doorstep ;)



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kingarmory, nice job on salvaging the barrel. However, for my own knowledge, does the addition of the breacher satisfy the BATF's minimal length requirements? Is this the same as having a permanently attached flash hider to an AR?


Yes, as long as it is secured by one of the approved methods (i.e. hi-temp silversolder, brazing, welding, pin&weld, etc). One of our most frequent jobs is chopping Remington or Mossberg barrels down to 16.25" and adding a breacher for 18.25" OAL.

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That is some great salvage and rebuild work there.

You are an artist.



Would you like to comment on these images?

It looks like a crap job to me. Not only did you botch the job, but you placed the shooter at risk by screwing up the barrel.


A $200 refund on a ruined barrel? How does that make it right?

Do yourself and gun owners a big favor and go back to welding farm equipment.

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