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Carlson vs. Crio Chokes


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After watching American Birdhunter over the last year, the advertisement for Carlson choke tubes has gotten under my skin and is making me wonder whether or not I should give them a shot. I've shot my factory Benelli Crios in my SBEII for the last 2 years in the field and am not unhappy with them...just wonder if the Carlson's may pattern better. Anyone have any insight as to how the Carlson's pattern as opposed to factory? I'm looking at IMP/MOD and Mod. and generally shoot between a 6-8 shot 7/8 to 1oz. load. No waterfowling currently.

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I have a bunch of Carlson's chokes and I think they pattern just fine.


Although, I doubt you'll really find a huge difference between your Benelli chokes and the Carlson's chokes as far as pattern quality.


I've also sent two barrel sets to Carlson's to have them machined for choke tubes, my Zoli over/under and my daughter's 1100 barrel, and both have come back perfectly machined and for a reasonable cost.


I highly recommend their products and services.



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Carlson chokes are great. I have them for my remington spr 310 o/u and for my novas. I think it made a big different with those guns.( novas aren't crio treated) and remington spr chokes sucked. I don't think are will be a big differance between the crio and carlson chokes but I don't know for sure.


I do know that extended chokes do look cooler and you can take them out easier. I don't think you will waste your money but, its your money to spend.


good luck



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One thing to consider, too, is the load you are using. The variables in the patterns include the shot size and quality, along with the muzzle velocity of the load you are shooting, along with the choke.

I am really happy with the choke tubes that came with my Cordoba and new 12 ga Monte...as they are extended & crio. For my son's older SBE, we got some trulock extended chokes, and he really likes them. I also have a set of extended trulock tubes for my Franchi Alcione. Take some time with some of your favorite loads for field and range, and do some basic patterning. You learn a lot.

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