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Disassembly question


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Originally posted by lonewolf962:

I have a quick question, how do you take the spring out of the stock? I know how to take the stock off. I have looked at it a few time but did not try anything for fear of breaking anything.

For what gun?


mudhen - CA

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I've working on getting to my recoil spring as well...so here's some followup questions. So we use a 17mm wrench to remove the stock retaining nut screw (code 050G) at the end of the recoil spring tube, and then the whole spring comes out the front of the tube? The parts manual indicates there is a retaining ring (code # 183L), but I don't see one on my SBE II? Does the actual tube come off when you take the nut off, or does it stay attached to the reciever? Thanks...

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PM me for my PayPal account :D


Glad to help, guys.


Bookmark for when the next one asks.


One note:

The metal locking plate is not shown.

I left it inside the stock.

If yours pops out, simply put it back in per the manual's chart for proper cast.


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