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What parts would you like for your M4 that do not currently exist?


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I do them for myself and others.


I have done M1S90 and M4, as well as Maverick 88, mossy 500, Remington 870, and many, many rifles including the AR platforms.


I do this by custom honing, and polishing, and when necessary, springs.


It all depends on what I start with, and what is requested.


I did a guys AR-15 while he waited, it took 20min, and he was so pleased he canceled his order for a trigger. ( he was here from VT, with two other guys to pick up a prototype WCI brake for a prairie dog hunting trip)



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I have also built my own triggers from JP kits and the like, and they are just this side of godly, but the problem with my m4 trigger is that it seems loose, wobbles from side to side, and just plain sucks ... the 10 lbs or whatever trigger pull doesn't bother me, the loose long creepy feeling of the pull does.


I've looked at the m4 trigger assembly, and it seems like my problem cannot really be fixed with a typical grind/polish trigger job ... the components are just ill fitted to the outer trigger guard, or so it seems.


If you think you can fix this, by all means I'm willing to try, but I don't know how much luck you'll have. It obviously has to retain full safety/reliability, a 1 lb shotgun trigger that goes off when you sneeze is no good. :)


edit - I see you mention VT, are you located near here? I'm in NY

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The looseness can be fixed by using shims and or spacers.


I have only done one, and if the trigger group has variances like the bbl does, it will be something different every time.


The m4 trigger job was a PIA.


I am more than willing to help you, look at smallparts.com, and mcmaster-carr.com for appropriate shims spacers/washers and springs.


Measure and order what you need or a various assortment, then keep trying, until it works like you want.

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