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Eotech... mount?


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1) - You only need a mount if you're going to be shooting a stock in the middle or fully collapsed position. The point on the mount is to raise the optic ... if you have the standard stock or generally shoot with the collapsible stock all the way out, if you use a mount the optic will be too high to use and still maintain a good cheekweld


2) - If it applies, larue makes the best eotech mount (along with every other mount)


3) - Don't get a night vision compatible eotech. You won't be using NVG's with your m4, and the NV versions eat batteries even faster than normal eotechs. I'd reccomend a 511 ... N batteries are easy to come by now, and the overall package is smaller and lighter.


4) - The reason for an eotech on a shotgun is the same reason you use an eotech with any gun ... it's about fast target aquistion, not how accurately you can shoot with one from a bench.

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Well, I'd like to think of my M4 as a shotgun for any purpose. And that would be both buckshot/slugs, etc. I want it to be a versatile platform.


Looking at the specs on benellis page about m4's they are basically close quarters combat guns available in cylinder choke only. You want full choke for buckshot for shooting deer so u can reach out to 50 yards...the m4 comes with a picatany rail on top to mount something like eotech red dot....but slug guns can reach to 100 yards, your better off with a regular scope like 3.5-10x40mm vs red dot. the stock m4 comes with a smooth bore barell, for slugs you would need rifled and the barell another setup...look into super black eagles, they will give you what you need

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Well, I'm also looking for a red dot scope for the obvious reason of fast target acquisition. I guess I'll get a Eotech 511 then. Any non NV versions that use AA batteries?


So I can just mount the Eotechs straight to the rail with no aftermarket mounts... right?


I can't be the only guy who's doing this. I've seen/searched numerous Eotech vs "other red dot" topics before.

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You do not NEED an additional mount to use an eotech with an m4. The reason people use mounts is


1) - to make the optic higher (not needed on benellis unless you're using a collapsible stock)

2) - for the throw lever that lets you take it on and off quickly, while maintaining zero (not really an issue with shotguns)


I use an eotech on a larue mount with some of my rifles, but it's not needed/wanted on a shotgun.





That shows your full range of options.


Apparently l3 is not even making 511s anymore, as I don't see them listed on their site, but you can still find them all over the place.


The 512 is the plane jane AA battery non NV version.


Before you buy an eotech though, check out this:





The aimpoint t1 in the short mount may be the current best option. I'm looking to get one shortly, I'll report back when I do.

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