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Benelli M2 or SBEII

Nick James

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I'm getting ready to purchase a new Benelli. In the past I owned a SBEII and it worked great. I'm considering buying a M2 due to the fact that i never shoot 3 1/2" shells. Is there any reason to buy one over the other...i.e. better parts, stainless steel or something truly better about the gun? Do either of the guns require the purchase of a sure cycle system? I'm using this gun 99% of the time for waterfowling.

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I'm sure you will get a few "you don't never need no 3.5"" replies, but I have always preferred the SBE/SBE II over the M1/M2 series guns.


I like the shape and style of the SBE II over the M2. I like the semi-hump of the SBE II. I think the SBE II is made better - it feels better to me - points better, etc. I like the upper half of the SBE receiver being steel.


But, the M2 is a fine shooting weapon, better than most, so you really can't go wrong either way.

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I have both and like both, but the more open trigger guard of The SBE II is nice, it is also a lot easier to clean, 2 piece receiver. That said, I shoot nothing but 2 3/4" out of both, but the option of having a 3 1/2" shell is nice, more possibilities/options if you happen to be out of town and shells get lost, forgotten, or stolen. :mad:

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