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    Walked into my local shop over 10 years ago to pick up my M1A, and I’ll never forget the desert camo M4 I saw on the shelf. Big bucks ! Timing wasn’t right for the purchase back then, but I instantly fell in love with it and told myself that I would definitely have one, one day. After all that time, I never forgot about my favorite shotgun and finally was able to pull the trigger on one, earlier this year. Now, thanks to this great forum, I’m doing more modding on this thing than shooting ! An expensive addiction, but only the best for us.
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    I got mine for two reasons. Bears and roving Hoards of Democrats. I'm getting older and sicker, so my chances of a bear encounter are getting less and less each day. However... My chances of encountering roving hoards of Democrats seems to be increasing more and more each day, so I got that going for me...
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    I started reading reviews on Shotguns. I wasn't looking at Auto Loaders at first. But the more I read, the more I kinda wanted an auto if it was reliable enough. Most of the reviews compared everything to Benelli M4 reliability. It took me some time to suck up the buy once cry once deal of getting a Benelli M4. Why buy something "almost" as good as a Benelli? p.s. the bear attack story sucked me in like a MOFO...
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    Update: I was starting to wonder why I hadn't received an email with an order update/shipped from A&S, a few minutes later my wife sent me a picture of a package that arrived. So, just finished installing and function testing FFT trigger kit with A&S trigger housing and everything is working properly now! Thanks everyone for your input/advice.
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    Cool, glad you were able to figure it out. What a headache! I bet it feels great to have her all up and running again! 😎
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    I'll go $275!!!! Sorry, not to make fun, I just had to out-do the Jolly One!
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    I had the same issue with the Polymer trigger housing and switched to the aluminum one and the FFT trigger worked fine.
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    Update: A&S trigger guard ordered 😃 Thanks for helping me “pull the trigger” on that 👍🏼
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    Outstanding. I love those Proof Research barrels. They're my go to for high end builds. I'm really liking Elite Iron bipods over the traditional style.
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    Booth 3657, in with Gear Head Works.
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    First experience with the M4 was while in the Marines. It was a much better shotgun then the Mossberg 590A1's we also had. Obviously there is a bit of a price difference between the two. I also shot the M4 while working for a police department. It is a great firearm.
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    I am an unrepentant geardo, I mod every weapon I get just to play around. Eventually I come up with a setup I like and stick with it.
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    Any tips on shooting clay pigeons? ...Be vewy vewy qwiet...
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    I came to own my M4 by trial and error... The club where I was shooting IDPA (pistol only) started to hold 3-gun events. I did not own a SG, so borrowed a 20 ga pump from a friend. After that first match, I jumped onto the VA Gun Trader sight and picked up a 12 ga pump (FNH Tactical Police). My shoulder would be sore after each match, so I picked up a 20 ga Saiga at a gun show. The Saiga did not beat up my shoulder but is was a pain to load (mags would not go in w/o the chamber being held open) and I would come home with cuts on my hands (could never figure out what part was sharp). While cursing the Saiga, the SO let me try his M4. Need I say more?
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    Thanks Jolly! Appreciate the thought and the effort!
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    Ok, my spare "pos" calipers dont fit into a small flat rate box☹️ I was just gonna mail them to you. For the cost of the next box size you might as well just go to Lowes and buy a $20 pair a cheapies. let us know what A&S says...
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    I sent them an email via their website and mentioned that I received some feedback on this forum with others that have installed their TG. We'll see what they say. And, thanks! Comparing holes and pin sizes..., I think you're on the wrong website 🤣 Ha! I appreciate the offer but my wife won't let me have digital calipers!! Maybe I should go get some anyway. Yes, the bushing in question is the one you have highlighted above (arrow). Thanks for the offer and the assist. I might just go get me some of those calipers.
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    To be honest i have run AMD exclusively on my systems from back in the Amd Duron 900 days. I would agree with StrangerDanger that AMD was a bit finicky when they couldn't compete with Intel but since the introduction of Ryzen Zen cpus its has changed the pc world completely, although Nvidia has an performance edge on Amds graphics cards(since you dont want to game the gpu i suggested is just for getting a signal to the monitor and video playback) I have built a few systems for friends and family and so far had no complaints. My current personal system is a Ryzen Threadripper 1950x and a AMD Vega 56 gpu,i am watercooling them both with blocks from watercool.de (best in the business in my experience) Also i looked at the system i showed you and you can scratch off the cpu cooler for another 35 usd savings(i didnt notice at first that the cpu comes with the cooler bundled)
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    I never had good luck with AMD or ATI video cards. Every time I tried them, I got burned. I prefer Intel I7 or better yet I9 processors and Nvidia video cards. nvidia has better driver support in my experience. Unless I’m building a super high end gaming system, I usually go for laptop. Most good laptops will allow you to plug in a larger screen if desired. We use a little rolling table that sits next to the couch to use the laptop. So much better than sitting at a desk. The couch leans back and has kick out feet rests. Just run the wireless mouse to the arm of the couch. https://www.amazon.com/Rolling-Laptop-Tilting-Overbed-Wheels/dp/B07L9SVZVT/ref=mp_s_a_1_55?keywords=laptop+stand&qid=1577032360&sprefix=laptop+&sr=8-55 Kind of like this, but ours are wood finished. The only desktop we have is wired in to the living room tv which is a 75” 4K. The three laptops are all connected to the router wirelessly. Plus two dozen other items like tablets, phones, printer, smart tv’s, my daughter’s various game systems and so on. There has to be like 25 devices. The desktop is hard wired as well as our 4K NVR‘s that handle 25 surveillance cameras. Each NVR has 16tb of storage for all that 4K video data. All the cameras are hard wired and own their own dedicated CAT5 cabling so they don’t eat up the network bandwidth. The cameras are powered over the Ethernet cabling too, so one side powers and sends data. The router is a Netgear XR500 which is awesome and pretty easy to set up. It manages all my data extremely well for having limited internet. I have an app on my phone to view the cameras remotely. I can set motion alerts but the system isn’t developed enough to make it reliable enough to leave on constantly. Far too many false positive events. Internet is sourced via a Netgear MR1100 4G LTE modem with unlimited data and no speed throttling thru OTR Mobile For 60 bucks a month. They sell AT&T’s bandwidth and somehow get around the caps and throttling. The modem is enhanced by a WeBoost cellular booster system with a directional antenna array which is mounted on the roof. This booster also makes my cellphone work anywhere in the house. Previously it would only work in a few spots if you held your jaw just right. Now, the cellphone has near full bars even in the crawl space under the house. With the booster in place, I typically see 20-35mbps Down/5-9mbps up. This is literally a 100x faster than my last best option, which was a Verizon hotspot which could not be connected to a router. So all my devices Akbar to connect to the Jetpack. There was no way to connect my NVR to it since they don’t have wireless built in. The speeds were terrible and the throttling was horrific. When SpaceX gets Starlink online, I’ll see about switching to that if the speeds are better. I still download 4K content when available to run on the 4K TV without much issue. It comes out to being like a 4gb download per episode of something like The Mandalorian.
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    If you're looking for a desktop computer may i suggest looking at the new AMD Ryzen 3000 series cpu based build. (the previous generation of Ryzen 2000 is also very good and now cheaper than when they launched) Some idea for prices : https://www.newegg.com/p/pl?DEPA=0&SortType=8&d=ryzen&N=100007671
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    ShootingSight.com is making them now. EDM cut S7, with NiB coating. A whole lot less than 1700, and including free shipping.
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    Saying "Someone" is far too kind. I think that I paid about sixty bucks for mine from Brownells about 4 years ago. That's what the thing is worth. About 60 bucks. Humanity never disappoints.
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    Guess what? It's not actually an impeachment unless and until the House managers make it to the Senate floor and present the articles of impeachment. Essentially Trump hasn't been subjected to impeachment YET. Dumborats are so stupid. https://www.zerohedge.com/political/house-senate-impeachment-impasse-would-mean-trump-wasnt-impeached-all-harvard-law-prof
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    I don't understand witch hunts We know who the witches are You don't really have to hunt for them really But when found, they need to be dispatched with decisively, otherwise they continue to haunt you The Solution: The Ice Bucket Challenge! Sorry to derail the OP, must be the season of the witch...
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    I thought the story was true....haha. That image is creepy as hell though.
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    Back to topic. Good friend bought one and convinced me to get one. I let one slip away on Gunbroker.com at 1500, and ended up paying 1650 for mine. I've added stuff, but will admit to being a gadget hound.
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    Can you design a spinner that has a locking mechanism to retain the factory twist release? I don't think I've ever seen anything that has this functionality though. Something that spins and then locks in a way that wouldn't interfere with how it's used. Maybe a pull out to lock instead of pushing in to lock? So it would be pull out (to lock) and then twist to remove. Design is cool....lots to think about.
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    “Carrier Loading” (aka Ghost Loading). See page 24 of the USMC M1014 manual LINK to USMC M1014 manual
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    The pictures helped a lot. The hammer is hanging up on the disconnector. When the trigger is let go, the hammer hook should come off the disconnector and engage the trigger hook. So either; 1. The hammer is out of spec (possible but unlikely) 2. The Disconnector is out of spec (Unlikely) 3. The trigger is out of spec. Or, it is possible that the trigger spring is not installed correctly. I would install the factory hammer and see if the issue still exists. If the problem is still present, pull the trigger pack out and verrify that the spring is seated correctly and functioning. The spring should be returning the trigger to its forward position. If you can manually pull the trigger forward, there is something wrong. Listen to hear if the disconnector is disengaging and allowing you to pull the trigger normally. If the spring seems fine, swap to the stock disconnector on the FFT trigger and try again. If the problem still exists, swap back to the stock trigger. The goal is to determine which part is causing the problem.
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    It's like here in Massachusetts, we are still under the 94 AWB, (REPUBLICAN MITT ROMNEY) made sure it never sunsetted here, (remember that when you go to the polls) - he's a traitor to the 2nd Amendment... Anyway, ask any cop - from local PD to State Trooper, if he really cares if your 30rd mag is preban or not...The resounding answer is "no"... One LEO I know put it best: "If I pulled you over and noticed you had brand new Beta Mags and new P-Mags, (both illegal here) and you were cool - I'd be cool. If I pulled you over and noticed you had those mags and you were a douche, then all bets are off.... Bottom line: Live your life for Gods sake...Most cops could give two turds about 922r.....
  33. 1 point
    I agree! I am so bored of all you people whining over 922R. No one is going to raid your house and seize your guns, no one is going to confiscate your weapons at the local gun club or range...Stop sweating the small stuff. The only time you need to worry about this is if you are doing illegal activities with your gun. Then they will throw the book at you...the one with 922R in it!
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    i know what you mean UNO!! the guy i bought mine from w/ all these cool parts moved out of state. and the best part is, here in texas, you dont have to sign anything or record a private citizen sale!! and to be honest, i cant recall his name!!
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    This is so rediculous. Okay, for all of you who just WON'T drop this stupid idea that you have to comply with 922R, just get a friend to install your parts at his place and then bring you your M4 back. Perfectly legal on your part as you didn't install them. The law says NOTHING about possession, only installation. Then just don't rat your friend out for committing such a heinous crime against god and country. Problem Solved. But no, it's not. Because you just want to whine about SOMETHING, and the M4 is perfect, and so the only thing that can be whined about are laws that mention it, so you will then find something else to whine about. Like the fact that you cannot get the Benelli cleaning-kit for it in the States. Stop messing with perfection.
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