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  1. Mine doesn't have the packaging but like new for $79 shipped. Michael Palombi
  2. I have a Benelli M4 original mag tube that was taken off and replaced with a full length mag tube. It comes with two springs and an aftermarket extension that gives you two extra shells. Also, a Benelli M1 plus two extension used but in the Benelli wrapper. Would like to trade this stuff for a Benelli M1 extension that will give me 7 + 1 rounds. Michael Palombi
  3. I'll take it off your hands. Thanks, Michael Palombi
  4. Michael Palombi


    Hopefully she'll sight in quickly. If you are using 3" sabot's, they will kick the snot out of your shoulder. If you can, put something really cushy between the buttstock and your shoulder or you'll be purple the next week in that area. Clean your barrel bore every 5 shots or so to remove the plastic wad residue if it gets built up. Keep an eye on the wind and don't let it think you are shooting either left or right. You'll go crazy and your shoulder,(again) will be pissed also. Michael Palombi
  5. jakjakman, I have a 3 position tube that I'd sell. Email me for details: [email protected] Michael Palombi
  6. I have a new, but no box collapsible stock you are looking for. Do you need a three position recoil tube also? I have one of those also. email me at: [email protected] Michael Palombi
  7. This is used with tube, cap and spring. Shows some wear around the wide part. Comes in the original Benelli accessory bag. $125 shipped. Michael Palombi
  8. I think there is one on Ebay or Gunbroker right now. Michael Palombi
  9. Dean, I'm going to the Medina gunshow tomorrow and I can look for one if you'd like. Call me. You should still have my number. Michael Palombi
  10. Shooting sabots won't hurt your M4 but your accuracy will suffer. Michael Palombi
  11. He contacted me not long after he listed it and said he'd call me the next day but didn't. Michael Palombi
  12. I'll take it if it's at least 92% condition. Sending PM. Michael Palombi
  13. Michael Palombi


    I own two with the MD 20rnd drum. They are faithfull shooters of pretty much all configurations of 2.75 & 3.0" slugs, OO buck and down to regular field/bird shot. Mine don't like Winchester low brass. Drum will not take 3" shells. You can booger them up anyway you like with all the aftermarket stuff available. Never had a problem with FTF/FTE with either of them after I lubed them up. Michael Palombi
  14. Stock sold to zimmer pending funds. Michael Palombi
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