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  1. nordic components makes a barrel clamp rail. its pretty minimal http://shop.nordiccomp.com/NC-Shotgun-Tube-Clamp-w-Rail-BCT-XX-12-00.htm
  2. wow man. I used to sell these... I don't know how u are getting them so cheap, but more power to u!
  3. I'd like to buy your surefire forearm if you decide to sell it.
  4. if you want to take the velcro off, will the adhesive be obnoxious to remove?
  5. oops wrong thread - delete
  6. seems like the 3gun community likes the 3gungear ones a lot. Has anyone ran the sidearmor saddle in a game or scenario?
  7. The 3gungear one is way less expensive, but the sidearmor side saddle with short rail: http://www.sidearmor.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=28_30&products_id=76&zenid=5m7vihnjcgaeo59i8ph546v2n4 looks good too and you don't have to stick anything to the receiver. Anyone use both of these? What are your thoughts?
  8. Cool, I'll keep that in mind. I don't know how many more I'll be getting, especially if botach gets another shipment of m4 stocks.
  9. If you can get the butt pad off you might be able to. The screw they show there is not visible from the back, as you probably know. I'll sell it to you, but I don't know how to remove the sling plate.
  10. I sold six in the last couple months, lowest was ~405 or so, highest was ~520. To put that in perspective, when the obama scare was in full effect the highest I sold one for was 1,047. Botach definitely dropped the market value, I'd say between 4 and 500 would be fair. the C stock in the middle position is really the perfect position. Short LOP and with the cheek riser your eye is right in line with the sights.
  11. I don't believe this will fit.
  12. Very nice, in factory packaging. I have two and both are for sale. I'll sell them for 110 each shipped CONUS. SOLD
  13. It's in great shape. I just have two and don't need both. 90 shipped CONUS.
  14. oh man that's terrible. God speed with your recovery.
  15. I'm hardly making any money asking 400 for my SN c-stock. If you can find some for less, be my guest. My guess is that you won't be able to. If you could and they were readily available, they would be selling for their MSRP.
  16. why are you so concerned about what people are willing to pay for a rare and desirable item?
  17. on gunbroker: http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.aspx?Item=181610761 starting at $400.
  18. bump I have a couple still available.
  19. 415 shipped. These are in New condition without the original box. I have great gunbroker feedback: http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewUserFeedback.aspx?User=962314 All my sold items on gunbroker have been this stock, so buy with confidence.
  20. you should take this to PM or email.
  21. I have a benelli one I can sell you.
  22. there might be 5 in the entire US. it's a collectors item
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