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  1. Whatever it is, I wish they'd go ahead and let the cat out of the bag. I'm ready to give my SBE II to my son and buy a new 12 right now and don't want to buy another SBE II if this one is going to be the schizz.
  2. I'm a member of both DU and DW. Both have positives and negatives for me, but both are doing SOMETHING. There has, in my opinion, never been one organization of any kind which was perfect for everyone. Just look at our current government. No one size fits all. The important thing to rememebr here is that both of these organizations are trying, each in their own way, to better our duck hunting. I don't feel like there is any "wrong way", only "a different way". Lets not get caught up in emotional battles over who is right or wrong, just let each do his/her part to make things better for all of us. "can't we all just get along?" Vote RED
  3. Light loads dont seem to cycle well at all (around 75%) unless the gun is spotless and fresh from a very thorough cleaning and LOTS of lube, especially if the magazine extension is installed. Yesterday I had the mag ext. and the Steadygrip stock on. Could the extra weight have been a factor?
  4. Anyone have any experience with the SureCycle replacement for the SBE II recoil spring assy? Duck season is over and it's time to stay in shape with some skeet shooting. It is well documented that the factory setup doesn't like light target loads so thinking of upgrading(?) to the sure cylce. Any Comments?
  5. I'm not sure whether Benelli makes a flat pad for the SBE II or not. The earlier SBE had a flat pad but I don't think it will fit the Comfortech stock. The Limbsaver you ordered is the same as the oe I put on, and in my opinion it feels a whole lot better then the factory one. When you insatll it though, just start the screws into the adapter plate so you have room to angle the plate into the stock.Then tighten it once the plate is inside the retaining lip. Same thing applies when removing it for cleaning and so on. Loosen the screws then take it off.
  6. tdaggett


    My SBE II wouldnt cycle dove loads yesterday. It has before, but not this time. I cleaned the recoil spring and tube in the stock, and applied a LIBERAL amount of oil, and the thing works fine now. With the lighter loads, the recoil mechanism has got to be super clean and slick or the recoil won't push it far enough back to really slam the bolt home. Does your Franchi have the recoil spring in the stock, or is it in the forend like my sons Stoeger?
  7. I shoot the SBE II with 3.5's #2 and BB. I have replaced the comfortech recoil pad with the exact fit one from Limbsaver nad it makes a huge difference. I know the angled pad from the factory is supposed to be the ticket, but with the limbsaver, I can shoot 3.5's all day without any pain later.
  8. tdaggett

    Stock Extension

    Try replacing the factory abgled recoil pad with a flat aftermarket one, then put the slip on limbsaver. I replaced the angled pad with a flat limbsaver to get an extra 1/4 inch, and actually got an even softer recoil.
  9. Now that duck seasons over with, a thorough cleaning revealed a lot of scratches and peeling of the camo finish on my new SBE II. Is this normal, and if so is there a fix or do you just live with it? I think some other manufacturers coat theirs with a protective coating. Can this be applied to the Benelli?
  10. tdaggett


    Thinking of using my SBE II for a little hog hunting. Any suggestions on cohke tube/slug combinations?
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