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  1. Thanks. I see now that I can get the plug out. I just assumed that it would come without it and that it would be something I would have to buy. Awsome, I don't have to get one. Sorry I was a bit slow on that one. This is my first Benelli and I must say it's an impressive peice of quality workmanship. Roger out...
  2. I recently purchased a new SBE II Adv Max 4. The specs show that the factory mag tube capacity is 3 + 1. With 2.75" shells, I can only put in 2 + 1. Is there something I need to take appart to get that extra shell in?
  3. wyobirdhunter3, Thanks for the reply. What would be the best choke to use on that 3" #4 steel?
  4. I just bought a new SBEII Adv Max 4. I plan on hunting Duck for the first time ever. Where I hunt, it's law to shoot steel only. My question is: What is the best steel shot to hunt duck? 2.75"? 3"? 3.5"? #2? #4? Also, what choke should I use? Modified? or??? I also want to be ready should a flock of Canada Geese show-up unexpected. Sound advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance..
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