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  1. Has anyone tried this Bird Breaster? If so, reviews please would be GR8. http://www.birdbreaster.com/product.sc;jsessionid=E69E300F6F33D4B26C56C55776F179CD.qscstrfrnt05?productId=1&categoryId=1
  3. First day for early Goose hunting in Atlantic Canada starts Sept 7th. Got my 3" Black Clouds BB today. Had a tempature of over 100 degrees for the past three days here and Earl is hitting the Atlantic west coast early Saturday morning. Temp is going to cool off from that just in time for the 7th as it's dropping down to 70 this weekend. J
  4. If the Nova and rem are about the same price, get the Nova as the Rem is most likely overpriced for what you get. In this decade, Benellis are superior guns to Rems. It's surprising to me that they are priced about the same. The only advantage the Rem has is it has more aftermarket parts than the Nova. IMHO, get the Nova and don't look back.
  5. Holly smokes, you answered a question that was asked when you had not even joined the forum yet. Welcome to the forum...
  6. I personnaly refuse to clean my SBEII Max-4 exterior with solvent. Some repports have shown that it can damage the cammo coating. I only use solvent in the interior parts, wipe the exterior with a damp cloth and add a very thin layer of oil on the exterior metal parts, then wipe the excess if any. I pay attention to any scratches on the exterior metal cammo finish. If any, keep a light oil film on it.
  7. Well, if I was buying a gun as a collector's gun, I would keep the original box, mannual, oil, original receipt and everything else that came with it. IMHO, when you keep all that stuff in mint condition, it adds value to any gun for resale. I keep everything for any gun I buy, collector or not.
  8. Benelli is offering rebates on any new purchase until July 31 on their Tactical ShotGuns. $200 rebate on a new M4 purchase for example. Check out their web site for more...
  9. Yah, I got the same email. If I send my video doing the same with my SBEII, wonder if I would win a prize also? Hummm... 15 seconds?.. I would have to be pretty fast trying that with the SBE. When the guy puts the Vinci back together on the video, he practically has his finger on the trigger.
  10. Hi all, does anyone know if the Waterfowl season is going to be open for the 2010 season for the areas affected by the oil spill? Friend of mine who is a Wildlife expert, tells me that there is a North American review on the effects of this spill and that the affected birds are being discussed which includes our Waterfowl friends.
  11. If you are considering a handgun, being a Corrections Officer, I would trust my life with none other than a Glock or a Sig Sauer. However, if I had to pick one, I would go with the Sig P226. This is only my personal opinion. Way to go TS, great gesture, great advise:cool:
  12. Actually, now that I think about it, Correctional Service Canada most likely purchased their security 870's 20 years ago when Benelli wasn't an option. I'm guessing they bought approx. 1000 of them at the time. They still use the same 870's to this day which most have only seen rounds for training purposes and all still in good condition.
  13. The only time where I would pick the 870 is if I had to use in pitch dark situation or someone poured acid into my eyes or peper sprayed me. But that's only because that is the only survival weapon I was trained with to use blindfoled. Yes, I'm comfortable with the 870, however, I would have rather recieved that same training with a Nova, but the service goes for pricing, and 870 was a budget choice.
  14. I've heard similar stories. Syn stock won't rust and the coating on metal parts when no scratches will also prevent from rusting. I clean my SBE II with a damp cloth. I only use solvent and lube on the inside. For the price you pay for them, why take the chance. Congrats on your new Vinci...
  15. Never heard that one before. Now I will think about your post next time I have bacon on my plate:(
  16. You mean to tell me the Vinci does not come with chokes?
  17. I use Bladetech also shooting IPSC with 5 Ghost mag pouches with a Sig P226 Blackwater Tactical shooting production.
  18. New or used or do you mean M2?
  19. Canada Geese, Geese, whatever, they all the same and we don't ask which country they were born before we shoot, He, he, he.... Canadian Bacon? The best... Tucker, I just pm you.
  20. I live in Canada. What do the Geese give year around your way?
  21. Not only are the Ducks back but this morning on the way to work, I saw 5 geese fly above me.
  22. In Canada, for the first time today, I've seen a flock of duck fly by my house. Spring has sprung and Duck season opens in 6 months.
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