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  1. Her's my post again: Has anyone here tried the Burris Speed Bead on their Benelli? I just ordered one for my SBE II. Reviews appear positive. Any feedback from forum members here would be great. Not sure i'm going to keep it when I get it. I was looking for feedback from the ones that tried it or know someone that did.
  2. Claims are that this will make a good shooter a great shooter:D Besides, the front bead on my SBE II sucks. For the price we pay for these guns, we should get a much better front bead like the Hi Viz, or TruGlo. Or at least have the option to upgrade. I have a HiViz clip on now that i bought for $10 at waly mart and work pretty good for the price. Dunno, I just felt the need to get it when I ordered my Burris Sure Fire II for my Ruger SR-22. As I was looking at the Sure Fire II, I decided to order both and try it out.
  3. Has anyone here tried the Burris Speed Bead on their Benelli? I just ordered one for my SBE II. Reviews appear positive. Any feedback from forum members here would be great. Not sure i'm going to keep it when I get it.
  4. We've had ****** luck so far. Too warm outside for one, and we have nearby hunters that are baiting geese which is illegal where I hunt, so we try to stay clear of that area and we need to find a new hunting spot. This is the worst start we ever had. We are trying a new spot Monday morning. Hope the birds come in.
  5. First, you need to get your own gun and you need to or he needs to make sure you are a safe gun handler. Practice on a bit of skeet shooting would be a deffinite help. Also practice making duck and geese calls. If you get good at it, your husband will really enjoy your company with your participation in calling by bringing in those birds. But most of all, be safe and have fun and spend quality time and one last thing, get a really nice waterproof breathable waterfowl cammo suit and boots. If you go half way with quality, you will regret and spend tghe money later to buy what you should ha
  6. Time to buy the waterfowl permit and check out the gear to insure order. Our early Canada Goose season starts Sept. 6, 2011. I am starting to get anxious
  7. Are you talking about taking pictures?
  8. Well I'll be darned... I just might consider getting the 3.5" next season. But then again, it most likely cheaper to adjust my aim and keep buying the 3". Do you know the diff between the 2.5" vs 3"?
  9. 30? I have not taken one appart to count them myself, but 30 seems a bit high for an extra .5". If my memory serves me well, I think I have seen posted here before that the #OO in 3.5" has only 3 more pellets than the 3", and that I admitt that I may be mistaken on the #2. However, 30 extras in the #2 on the 3.5" seems a bit high. #4 I could believe but for #2, this has me scratching my head. Are you sure about that?
  10. As for the load, you will get about 3 pellets extra out of a 3.5" compared to the 3" load in #2. You get the same power factor but with 3 extra pellets and heavier recoil. The pellets won't go any further, so I would not bother with the more expensive 3.5" expecting more distance. I would go with Black Cloud #2 in 3" or #0 in 3". The #3 in 3" is good for both ducks and geese if you hunt in an area where there is both and don't want to bother switching on the run. Modified choke is what I use and works fine.
  11. I found the Federal Black Cloud 3" #3. is what works best inmmy SBEII. Welcome to the Benelli forum>
  12. Just check which one's missing from the plastic Benelli case. Has to be the one on the gun.
  13. Finally, a majority government that is getting rid of the gun registry!!!:D
  14. Welcome to the forum. Nothing like responding to a 3 year old post with a question that was never answered. I did not realize that M3's were restricted in Canada. WTF:o
  15. Did you just copy pasted my post? I wrote exact word for word on page 1 of this thread. Is there an echo in here?
  16. Service like that doesn't get any better. You are one lucky son of a gun:D I think I'm going to go buy me a new Franky and drill them with two tons of phone call complaints, and maybe they will upgrade me to a new Vinci:D You won't get a new M2 and cheaper than that. WOW!!! An M2 for the price of a Franki and a few phone calls?
  17. I don't see the list below and repeaters are semi-autos where i'm from:o
  18. Does not look like anyone knows but would be nice to have the knowers tune in. I am looking at buying an M3 but would like to know more about part compatibility from one Benelli to another.
  19. Even if you do, it does not exist:o Welcome to the forum anyway:)
  20. http://stevespages.com/page7b.htm Carefull not to download all as poster will retract his web page as he did in the past. Only download what you need please.
  21. Can anyone confirm what parts from what guns are compatible with this concept? Steady Grip stocks (M2, M4 etc) Barrels and length of barrels What parts of the M4 would not fit the the M3 Convertible? Do any fit? Can this gun be converted into a hunting shotgun with 26", 28" barrels?
  22. Every man's shotgun dream is the M4 and if you don't know it yet, I suspect your boyfriend is no different. That's if he knows his shotguns of course. If hunting is not his forte, the M4 is what he will get later if you get him the M2 now. You will blow his mind with the M4 if he knows anything about guns, If he knows his Benellis, he will be dissapointed you did not get the M4 but won't show it. He will pretend to be happy with the M2. The M2 is a good gun, but the real tactical king is the M4.
  23. Can't you get it from the Benelli dealer you bought it from in Greece?
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