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  1. I had first ordered an I-12. As I was waiting for it, I was reading the Franchi and Stoeger forums to try to familiarize myself with my new purchase. After reading all the complaints on both guns, which are the same guts just prettier outside I-12, as soon as I recieved my I-12, I did not even open the box. I simply put return to sender, called the dealer, took out my visa and told him to send me a SBE II instead. We did the exchange, I paid him the diff and voila, couldn't be happier. Knock on wood...
  2. If your budget is limited to the I-12, look at other options like the Beretta.
  3. Are you sure that stretching with increase the spring tension? It will make it longer for sure but, not sure about the tension. If cleaning does not solve it, you have nothing to loose I guess but can't see it lasting but may help you through your hunt while waiting for the new spring. I still can't see all three guns needing a new spring all at once?
  4. Did you do a complete cleaning with all interior guts in peices and cleaned then put back together? If so, then I would try the spring as others suggested. You should be able to go a long way before changing the spring. It looks fishy that all three would need new springs. I would try cleaning with complete interior strip:cool:
  5. I was designed to lower gun crimes. It has grossly failed at the tune of Billions of dollars. Bottom line, a criminal will not stop and say: "I can't comitt a crime with this gun, it's registered. That sucks. I will have to find a gun that is not registered.:o" The criminal will comitt the crime with the gun registered or not as he couldn't care less. The registry has proven to be so unreliable that the RCMP would always go to a scene thinking there could be guns there even if the registry did not show it. 10,000 queries a a day might seem like a lot but the CPIC system was checked 392,
  6. The federal long-gun registry moved one step closer to being abolished as MPs voted Wednesday in the House of Commons to scrap the controversial program. With support from 18 Liberals and New Democrats, the private member's bill passed second reading 164-137, and now goes to committee. If passed, Bill C-391 would scrap the decade-old registry and destroy existing data within the system on about seven million shotguns and rifles.
  7. If you stick with Benelli, go with the Super Black Eagle II. A lot more $$$ however. I would stick with the Nova and upgrade latter. Benelli semis are just easier to clean and take down. This comes in handy when you clean it over and over.
  8. I peffer Adv Max 4. The Benelli dealer I deal with sells them the most. But the Duck Blind cammo is gaining in demand.
  9. Tucker answered you question I believe. If you plan on hunting waterfowl, I would go with Max 4. But if you want variety like partidge, and waterfowl, I would go with real tree as that cammo patern will still work well waterfowling if you use a blind that's near a wooded area. Bottom line, you can use a blind with waterfowling so the cammo patern is not as important. But you won't hunt partridge the same way. Like Tucker said, it's all about movement.
  10. You will never see problems with your barrel. Why? Because of the treatment Benelli does on them. They're most likely the thoughest shotgun barrels on todays market. All synthetic parts on the gun are not exposed to heat. So,,,, relaxe, and shoot all you want, as fast as you want. You shoulder will let go before your Benelli will...
  11. I have the Adv Max 4 for my Duck and Goose hunting. It's a perfect match with my hunting suit, hat and face mask. I almost don't need a blind. I find I stand out more with a blind and it's simply easier to blend with the field. I would never go without my camo. In fact, I'm surprized they even sell any black ones.
  12. Way to go!!! You won't regret it.
  13. Make sure you mag cap is screwed on tight.
  14. I have heard stories about guys using their Benellis as an oar instead of carrying real ones in your boat. Now i'm sure they are tough:eek: enough to be used that way. But seriously, has anybody ever tried this? Would it count as an oar and your buddy uses his for an oar also in relation to boating regulations? I like my SBE II so much that I can't even start considering doing such a thing. Any coments???
  15. You have picked a great gun. You now have the Signess, so don't fight it. I have 2 P226. My first one is a West Germany model. M second one is the new Blackwater Tactical. It comes with 4 20rd mags, tritium troglo fiber optic front sight, and rear night sight. Beavertail, with magwell grips and short reset trigger. I use these Sigs for IPSC competition and both have never failed me. I've been competing for years and seen many failures but mostly due to bad reloads. From all of them,Sigs and Glock appear to be the most dependable. Many others make good guns, but when you go over 50,00
  16. jonesbb630

    How Long???

    If you read all the info, you would have realized that it takes a bit of time for the approval. You are good to go now and you will find a wealth of info on this forum for Benellis. There aint no better one so, I can't imagine that you've been on better sites. If you did, please share them with us. Until then there is no sense in bashing this forum until you read the intructions and realize how great of a site this is.
  17. Get the SBE II. Then you can pick the ammo you want. 2.75", 3", or 3.5" for goose.
  18. Since Obama, all guns have gotten more expensive.
  19. I believe the Vinci is scheduled to be sold in Canada Dec. 15, 2009. At least, this is what my Benelli dealer in Canada told me. If you don't want to wait, you need to find a Benelli dealer in Canada that has a sister company in the US. The sister company can ship it to it's own company in Canada. However, being mid October, and red tape at the Boarder, you would be better off waiting to buy it in Canada. This would be to your advantage for cost and if there's any problems with the gun in relation to warranty. A bit of patience, and you will have your Vinci. In the meantime, you could ca
  20. If the parents are good with it, that is a darn lucky kid. I too came from a gun free home. Although, my father bought me my first single shot pellet .177 when I was 15, I bacically ended up learning to shoot it myself. When I turned 18, I went hunting for the first time alone with my grandfather's 410 single shot. Then I ended up borrowing the town's preist 20 GA single shot, and used it for years until I got my first job and started buying guns then. I never looked back.
  21. Try the Gun Dealer in New Brunswick,Canada. Most don't realize that he's the biggest gun dealer in Canada with over 1 million in sales annualy. He's also sells Benellis and if he does not have what you are looking for, he may be able to get it. 506-784-3514
  22. Sorry but couldn't stop myself of expression.
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