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  1. Sorry guys. I just realized that living in Canada is like living in peace compared to NY or CAL. I would get one also if I lived in a country where population of the state of NY is about the same as the whole Canadian country.
  2. I have to ask why would anyone want a bullet proof vest. Unless you think you are going to get attacked with guns or plan on attacking someone with guns that return fire, or have enemies with guns that are threatning you or your family, I don't see the logic. I wear them at work and they suck. You sweat, they're heavy and for the most part uncomfortable even if they are fitted.
  3. Not sure if you are reffering to the rattle they all have and considerded normal. Or is it something else?
  4. http://www.cabelas.com/cabelas/en/templates/links/link.jsp?type=product&cmCat=Related_IPL_014676&id=0014257014070a
  5. Check with other post by the name of lundinbridge. He may be looking for a SBEII like yours. You should pm him. Welcome to the Forum and good luck with your sale.
  6. You know you have to show pics, so let's have em'
  7. I currently have a Sig P226R Blackwater Tactical 9mm, and a W. Germany P226 in 9mm. I would keep the Blackwater Tac and get a Sig P226 X-5 Competition.
  8. Boy if you can figure that one out, let us know how to get it cause I have never heard of a free stock before.
  9. Dude, this is like asking us if a Mercedes is better than a K-car. The guys here are having fun with your question. Go to a gun shop and handle both. Only then you will know the truth. Do a bit of reading on shotguns also. Let's just say that if my life depended on it, the SuperNova would be my pick if I had to choose a pump. Most guys here would not even consider the 1300 as a serious defender, tacticooled or not. In the pump world, there is the Super Nova, Nova. Then there is the rest. Period.
  10. Did the first Benelli Novas come in two piece stocks like the current Supernova and did it come with shim kit? This was most likely before the Super came out?
  11. Hope you're not in a rush to get it. LOL..
  12. Well now that they make the Vinci with the steady grip, you should be able to get a part number and order through Benelli. But it would only come in APG HD Cammo.
  13. jonesbb630

    Nova 410?

    Come live in Canada and Novas will cost you about $800. SBE II goes for $2200 plus taxes in the Max4 in Canada. You are right, should have quoted the US price.
  14. jonesbb630

    Nova 410?

    My opinion is the total opposite. They would not sell as nobody is going to pay $800 for a 410. They do make the 20 and 28 which is from demand and satisfies mosts needs. You don't see to many companies make the 410 as the majority of hunters will shoot 12 GA, 20 GA or 28GA for waterfowl or upland. Welcome to the forum.
  15. I haven't shot a Vinci yet but, if you hold and shoulder the gun properly, I can't see how anyone would have issues like yours. I tend to agree with you on the safety in front (not). Love the SBEII design and think Benelli should have gone with same on the Vinci, but hey, they had to come up with something different I guess:confused:
  16. Check with the Gun Dealer in New Brunswick, Canada. They are the biggest Benelli dealer in Canada and can order parts for you should you ever need any.
  17. jonesbb630


    Wash your cammo with damp cloth. Don't put solvent or oil on it. Not sure what's to tell about the Crio chokes that come with it. If you're new to shotguns, I would suggest you read the manual that come with it and the choke section will guide you to what you need to know. Whatever you do, always shoot with a choke in your barrel, and leave the choke in when cleaning not wanting to put filth in the choke threads. Congrats, you will love this gun as you can't go wrong with a Benelli.
  18. Don't tell me I have to buy this one too. Gotta start saving$$$
  19. Just looked at the new Legacy 28. Not bad and they also came out with the Vinci Steady Grip. Nice!!!
  20. Gees, I had not noticed. The Legacy must be the only one or is there any other?
  21. Good question. I believe the shim kits only come on comfortech syn.
  22. Welcome to the Benelli forum.
  23. I believe that you should never clean the exteriors of cammo guns with gun solvents. Slovents are to be used inside cammo guns only as with time, they will extract the cammo film on the exterior of cammo guns. I clean mine with a damp cloth on the exterior only if it looks dirty.
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