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  1. The more I hunt with it, the more I simply love this Benelli SBE II Adv. Max 4. I think I'm going to ask it to marry me:p
  2. Believe me, if you shoot 3.5", you will need all the help you can get with the recoil. I have the Comfortech stock on my SBEII and I tell ya, when I shoot 3.5" # 2 Steel for Geese, I would not want to be without this stock. Some say, the difference is not that great with recoil, but I wouldn't know.
  3. I'm not saying you can't shoot slugs out of a shot barrell. I simply stated that I would prefer shooting Deer with a riffled slug barrell. If you can shoot lead shot, you can only use Full and Improved Mod. As for shooting slugs out of a shot barrell, I do not have the experience to form an opinion on that question as stated in previous post. However, I did give you an honest non bias opinion which is the main topic. You have to keep in mind that a lot of us here started with a single shot Cooey and having a Pump was seen as luxury. We upgraded to an 870 and were happy for years. But when Benelli tried to make a name for themseleves back in Italy, they produced what is believed by most today as making simply the best shotguns on todays market. We eventually saved our $$$ and upgraded to Benellis. I have never met any 870 owner who regreted upgrading to a Benelli. I'm not saying this because I own one, but from experience.
  4. You Ontarians are lucky with your Turkey hunts as the rest of Canadian hunters envy you. Can you shoot Turkey with lead shot? I don't know the rules in Canada about that. You are correct about the 3.5" availability in the Nova. I believe when they first came out, they only held 3" but Benelli upgraded them to take the 3.5" but don't quote me on that. One thing that the SuperNova has over the Nova Pump is not only a better stock but it comes with a shim kit letting adjust your drop and cast. If you plan to hunt Deer with a slug barrell, you won't have to worry about chokes. I was under th impression that was your plan. I personally would only hunt Deer with a slug barrell myself unless you want to try "OO" Buck Shot with your mod choke shot barrell. I personally have not experienced or tried this and perhaps someone else on this forum could help you clear that ??? Nontheless, no matter what Benelli you buy, you can't go wrong. The SuperNova is an upgrade from the Nova Pump but both are top performers.
  5. We have the 870 at work and they are a great cheap reliable way to start, but need to be well lubricated to avoid rust. The 870 has a lot of aftermarket parts to choose from for customizing and easy to find spare parts. I would personally not even consider the Mossberg. Remember one thing, if it cost less $$$, there's a reason. Do you know if you will even like hunting yet? If you have determined this as a yes, and you want to avoid upgrading later, the Benelli Nova Pump will satisfy your hunters pride. You will have to buy an extra slug barrell if you want to do it all i.e. Deer and small game. It come with 3 chokes which is sufficient to start off with and the ones supplied are the most important ones. You can always buy exras later if you feel the need. I have the Super Black Eagle II which gives me 5 different chokes, but only use 3. Having said that, and if a Benelli is the gun you want (I would), I would go with the SuperNova. This will give you the option of using 3.5" Shot for you Geese and Turkey(not legal in Canada yet unless you live in Ontario or hunt a private reserve) hunting and the Comforteck Stock for your recoil. The weight is pretty much all the same if you compare the same lenght of barrells. A little more $$$ but, this would in my opinion be the cats ass of pumps on todays market. If you buy a Benelli Pump, there's a good chance you may regret not getting the SuperNova. I don't think you will be looking to upgrade later unless you decide to go with an auto loading Benelli. My top 4 Pump Action picks are: 1- Benelli SuperNova Pump 2- Benelli Pump 3- Remington 870 4- Mossberg 500 series Good luck with your purchase.
  6. Problem is, not to many sell them as they love the gun so much. That pretty much goes for any Benelli owner out there. Unless you can find from an owner who is desparate for money or a dealer that took one in on trade. Good luck...
  7. Is there any way I can change the red bar that came on the gun with a truglo?
  8. I would like to add a good set glow front and rear sights for my SBE II for Waterfowlling. Benelli does not appear to sell any. Does anyone have any suggestions on what would be a good set to get for my baby and whre to get them?
  9. Just tried #4 Steel 2 3/4" 1 1/16oz tonight. Works like a charm without lube.
  10. That's interesting. These forums are a great source of info. Although, I'm not the type to flood any gun with oil, I shall consider this option if my SBE2 doesn't feed -1 1/8oz. I never even tried bellow that yet as I didn't want to be stuck with a full box of sells that won't work in my SBE. I will simply get the oil out, and feed my Benelli. I guess Benelli knew that it may not always feed and took the oportunity away from us to blame the gun by clearly indicating not to use -1 1/8oz. A bunch of us would have send our Benellis' back crying defect.
  11. It sounds like you need to buy a case of oil, and a funnell before you breakin your new Vinci. LOL... Is this a one shot deal with the oil flooding? I would hope so. Are you sure you don't use a special kind of shell? For all you Benelli shooters with Inertia systems, if you have a specific brand that works well bellow 1 1/8 oz, by all means, please share with us...
  12. Any Inertia Driven actions can give you a hard time with loads less than 1 1/8oz. You need that pressure build-up from the load itself to make the cycle. It's called the law of Inertia. You were lucky to get the Cordoba to cycle less than 1 1/8oz with no issues, specially with the ported Barrel models. If you want something that will feed less than 1 1/8oz, I believe you need to with a gas system.
  13. Ohhh!!!!! That's right!!! The decision??? I got so caught up in this post that I forgot that he made his decision. My buddy just called me tonight telling me he just ordered a new SBE II Adv Max 4 28"Barrell just like mine. I told him yesterday about my post here and that there appeared to be more leaning to the SBE II than the Vinci. He was too anxious to wait anyways and the money was burning in his hands. He also bought a Tikka T3 SS Syth. Sck. 22-250 varmit wirth a Burris 3-9x40 matte scope. Got a better deal buying two guns. We are also going Coyote hunting Oct.2. We are going Duck hunting Oct.1 opening day. And Duck hunting again on the 3rd and so on.. and so on... and so on...
  14. Hummm? I never heard of clubs like that. But hey, it's quite possible. A lot of Canadian hunters don't like shooting 3.5" because A) there's no need for it. B) it's expensive to buy and serves no necessary purpose. C) you may be seen as a show off as the majority of Canadian hunters don't have the $$$ to shoot fancy 3.5" gunners. D) all of the above. But only in Canada...
  15. Real Canada Geese hunters in Canada shoot 10GA. single shot and not fancy 12GA. like the SBE II or Vinci's.
  16. Quote : VINCIshooter some dont even allow 3.5 depends were your going. _________________________________________ Not sure where this info would come from, but I never heard of any restrictions on the shell size. In Canada, they're is two rules. 1- You have to shoot steel. 2- 2+1 in chamber. If there is any special rule on shell size anywhere in Canada, it must be from a private hunting reserve.
  17. On a more serious note, by adding the want to hunt Canada Geese, Pheasant and Wild Turkey. Wouldn't the SBE II be able to do it all and moreso than the Vinci?
  18. I currently own a SBE II and happy with it. My friend wants to buy a new Benelli, but is confused on which one is the best between the SBE II or VINCI. We haven't had a chance to try the VINCI as we live in Canada and won't be available to us until Dec. 2009. SBE II = 2.75", 3", and 3.5" VINCI = 2.75", 3", lighter and less recoil. Does anyone have both or has anyone been able to test both and what is your preference? SBE II or VINCI? Should he wait for the VINCI or buy the SBE II now? This would be mainly for Waterfowlling. Opinions please would be grateful. Thanks
  19. Thanks a bunch guys. I will keep my SBE II for now. However, if Benelli is listening, you have my vote on a quick exchange magazine tube with diferent loads in the feild option. So, if inovation and latest tech is a priority, I say to Benelli, " Make it and I will buy one".
  20. So what you're saying is that you think you can't load a tube unless it's attached to the gun?
  21. Exactly my point. Is there a video out there that demonstrates this better? Having access to extra magazine tubes with different loads would be sweet. The question still stands. Is there anyone out there that has the Vinci and could help explain or resolve this question?
  22. The bellow description is copy paste from Benelli web site. What exactly does this mean? Removable Magazine Tube You can quickly load rounds into the self-contained magazine tube through the newly designed beveled magazine loading port. The magazine tube assembly can be easily installed in or removed from the Trigger Group/Forearm Module with the push of a button
  23. I live in Canada. The Vinci is not yet available in our country. My gun dealer tells me it will be available in Dec. 2009. I hear that the Vinci has the ability to remove the magazine tube. Can anyone attest to that? Would be nice to switch tubes while hunting duck and a flock of geese fly by, and the swith could be done quickly. Can anyone explain how this works? In Canada, we can't even hold one in our hands yet.
  24. Sounds odd cause the SBE II is being sold in Canada. I would know, I own one and bought it new from a Canadian Gun Dealer.
  25. I was wondering what is the approx. loundness dB of a regular 12ga. shotgun? Is there anyone that can help me determine that? Or a web site to go to?
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