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  1. But he indicated he wanted to be able to shoot 3.5" in a previous post me thinks'...
  2. I don't have any idea what would cause the failed reset. And no, I'm not from customer service. However, with a bit of patience, you may get a reply from an expert like Tucker301. Good luck and hope this does not happen again.
  3. The quality of the Benelli in my opinion far surpasses the Stoeger. Check on the Stoeger forums, and compare complaints and concerns with the Supernova. You may also look at the regular Nova as it's a bit cheaper than the Super. I would rather buy a used Benelli than a new Stoeger. Resale value on any Benelli would never compare with the resale of a Stoeger. That is if you can find soemone who is willing to buy a used Stoeger. You won't have problems selling a used Supernova or a Nova. As for the cammo or black, that is a personal preference. The black will do everything the cammo will
  4. jonesbb630


    The intro does show 28 engraved on the receiver;). Get your wallet out:D
  5. Try to get a price with the cap, they may not be that costly. When you take the shells out, do you cock the action? If so it may not have been cocked at first which made your loading difficult. They load better if the action is cocked; which is why I load chamber first as it forces me to cock the action. Not trying to sound like a smart ass, I'm just saying that loading for me has always been easier if I start from the chamber. If you are already doing this, then someone else should come along shortly like Tucker and could help you better then I.
  6. Sorry to hear about the swivel falling out. Try to order this part from Benelli. Check your manual for part number. As for your loading problems, you neeed to describe to us the exact sequence of your loading technique. I have a feeling you may be doing something wrong. Here is the way I load mine: Safety on, pointing in safe direction, open the action and load one in chamber. Pointing firearm in safe direction, depress the small black button on side of your gun to close the action. From there, you should be able to load 2 shells of whatever size you want no problems. If they don't
  7. If it's clean and well lubed, I wouldn't worry. Not sure I would say the same of other semi's. But then, I would not hunt with other semi shotgun. Besides, this is a Benelli forum where you have die hard Benelli users. Like any shotgun, if water gets in it and it's bellow freezing outside, you're bound to run into problems. If it's freezing, but your gun stays dry, and well lubed, you should be good to go. But you mention icy wet conditions. They don't mix well.
  8. Can't you just order a new stock through a Benelli dealer? That has to be cheaper than a new gun.
  9. How many rounds have you been shooting? I can undersand you wanting to clean your gun, but I don't think you need to clean it as often as you may be doing now. I will clean mine after 75 to 100 rounds unless I have mud or lots of water from rain. I'm not worried as the cammo protects toe outer and I have plentyfull lubing on the inside.
  10. Benelli owns Stoeger and Franchi. And, Beretta owns Benelli. Guess who owns Stoeger and Franchi? They are not the same companies, just the same owner.
  11. Yes this is true and is the proper way to shoot any shotgun or rifle. Not almost tight to the body, you should have it completly tight against the body. The tighter the better. You can take that to the Bank...
  12. Solvents can strip your factory cammo. But he never specified if he had a cammo Nova or no cammo. But just in case.
  13. Good to know about the recoil reducer. Never had a Nova straight stock nor did I ever have the reducer. Always had the comfortech with no regrets. Very surprised to hear you say that the Nova is better than the Super. However, I refuse to argue with the King.
  14. Whatever you do, don't use clp on the exterior of the gun esspecially if you have cammo. Only use cleaning solvent on the inside of the gun. Hope # 9 or any kind of gun cleaning supply are generally good these days. I personally have the Cabelas Deluxe cleaning kit for proper home cleaning which I clean all my firearms with. On the field, In bring a spray can of gun oil, and a bore snake in case I drop in water or mud gets inside.
  15. You can put the limbsaver and you can also install a mercury recoil reducer. This is why most of us here suggested you buy the SuperNova with the comfortech stock.
  16. I would try to find a used SBE II. It would be about the same price as a new I-12. S
  17. I found when I first got mine that the harder I pulled, the harder it was to take appart. I realized that if you wiggle the barrel a bit back and forth but not with much force, it comes appart easier. Yes they are stiffer with the cammo coating but, try and let the gun come appart on it's own with small wiggles and don't try ripping it appart, you will succeed better and less chance of hurting yourself.
  18. Oh really... My friend has the Vinci and it was the other way around, My SBE II shot flawlessly with 100 clays and his Vinci jamed. He regrets not getting the SBE II. As for the cammo, his Vinci did look a bit brighter but not significantly. Both my friend and I thought the SBE handled better, swung better, aimed better. Go figger. I need to mention that we are both over 6' tall. As for jamming, we lubed the Vinci a bit and made the whole diff in the world. Bottom line, neither blows one another out of the water. They are both superb shotguns, period...
  19. jonesbb630

    SBE II

    If this is a reputable gun shop, ask for a 30-day warranty satisfaction or complete refund. Go to the range, and let'er rip. Also, compare to new ones on the shelf and judge for yourself. If they look and run like new, pick the one that feels best or whatever suits your needs.
  20. You're probably pulling on the wrong part on the wrong angle. They can be a bit stuborn at first when you're not use to it. I usually assemble it at home the night before, and tranport it in a good floating shotgun case to the feild. Besides, you don't want to start assembling in the feild early morning in the dark, accidently drop your mag cap and can't find the darn camo cap in the feild. If you want to hate your gun, this will eventually happen to you. Practice assembly and diassembly at home, but go to the feild assembled in a gun case.
  21. I don't think I have ever went Duck Hunting in a snowstorm before. Is this a new trend?
  22. Is this a thread open for jacking or have the rules changed?
  23. I have never owned a 1911. But if I would buy one tomorrow, I would get a Sig Sauer. I'm just a Sig guy though...
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