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  1. I must of missed that one:p You sound right about that one:cool:
  2. You mean the guy about the gloves? Yah, his post was removed after I quoted it.
  3. No there was never a Super Nova Semi-Auto. You have to go with Benelli auto loaders and not pumps. Click on the Benelli name on top left of this page and view what Benelli if offering in semi-autos. Read about them and pick the one you want and try to make the deal that suits you best. Swapping a pump for a semi will cost you extra. Most popular model are Vinci, Super Vinci, Super Black Eagle II. If you decide to keep it, you won the best Pump Action Shotgun on this planet. If they won't swap, you may want to try another Benelli dealer if you keep it new in box. If you swap, you will still
  4. Have you tried to keep the trigger pulled while pulling the action open and closed, and then trying to put the safety on?
  5. What does that have to do with a steady grip for Duck Hunting? The OP was refferring to a steady grip butt stock, not gloves.
  6. Only one thing missing on that vid. Would have been nice to see you guys shoot some duck on the video;) However, with that kind of set-up, who would care if you don't shoot a thing.
  7. Give her a chance. It's probably that time of the month. Mine doesn't listen also when that time approaches:D
  8. Shooting flying birds is much easier to do with coventional stocks as they are better designed to perform that way. Pistol grip stocks are moreso designed for guns with sights or scope on a fixed target as is your military weapons. One thing for sure is where I'm from, I would get weird looks showing-up on a duck hunt with a pistol grip stock:rolleyes: And I suspect you to experience the same:o
  9. Benelli themselves don't usually reply to these posts. Forum members do mostly.
  10. Could be early but, springs may need replacing.
  11. How much shooting has the gun seen with current parts(springs) on it?
  12. The M4 is designed so that it can float but not the SBE. You need to modify by filling the groove as per Tucker's illustrations above.
  13. I clean the ouside of mine with a damp cloth. Do not put slovent on the outside cammo finish. I light coat of regular gun oil is ok on the metal exterior. Slovents are for the interior black and silver metal parts. you can use a brush on those interior parts but no need for a brush inside the barrell unless you have a riffled barrell. A regular solent patch to be followed by a clean one to be followed by a gun oiled one to be followed be another clean one is what I do. Of course, you clean the slovents inside the internal parts to be followed by gun oil also. Make sure internal parts ar
  14. The load is to light. You need 1 1/8oz loads minimum for the Inertia system to work. Your duck loads are most likely heavier than your trap loads. All Inertia driven Benellis are the same and recommended by Benelli to use 1 1/8 minimum. It's called the Law of Inertia. Once well broken in, some have been known to feed lighter load when the gun is well lubricated and kept clean. If you are already shooting 1 1/8+, try cleaning and generous lube on the action and rails.
  15. http://www.stoegerindustries.com/information/inertia_driven_system.php Check web page above and see if you can determine what you are looking for. Also you may get more info on Stoeger forum. Good luck:)
  16. They are not comparable as the Supernova is far superior.
  17. jonesbb630


    It's only $1000 for lifetime membership and that makes you a Benelli Genius. Send me an EMMT and I will look after it for you:D Just pulling you leg dude... Someone should come along and give you your answer. I would give it to you if I knew it:rolleyes:. You could always call Benelli and ask to be sure. Welcome to the forum... Cheers... J
  18. jonesbb630


    Whatever you do, don't tell him.
  19. If you wanted the Max4, why did you buy the black? If it was a mail order, you should have called the company you bought it from and explain the situation. Any good dealer would have taken the black one back in exchange for the Max4 provided it has never been shot. However, if you shot it, I would be surprized if they would exchange it. The Max4 is a bit more $$. I know the Benelli dealer I deal with would take it back as a trade in with a loss of $$ on my behalf if has been shot.
  20. You guys lost me. Yes, IMO the 870 is comparable to the 590 and perhaps better. However, IMO, the Supernova is in a class above both of them. I am even surprised to hear anyone picking a 590 over the SN. As for the Tactical dream gun, the M4 take the prize:D
  21. I know how that feels. With kids and moves and marriage, I'm lucky to find my guns sometimes as my wife does not like having them in our bedroom. I'm surprised she hasn't moved them yet. Anyhow, I think you can download the manual from the Benelli web site for free. Check it out and good luck. Cheers:cool:
  22. The only ones you should use with steel shot are: Modified Improved Cylinder Skeet However, if you are not sure about anything about your Benelli, may I suggest you make refference to your manual.
  23. No matter how I try it, I would make a mess either way, but would be nice to pick-up speed at cleaning my birds:cool:
  24. First I ever heard of 2.5" shells. Where I'm from, I can only buy 2.75", 3", and 3.5". Are you sure those are 2.5"?
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