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  1. Are you shooting at least 1 1/8 oz load? Does the malfunction happen only with light load?
  2. I just posted a reply test on that thread and appears to work fine.
  3. Hello 2012 from a Benelli Fan. Testing for reply from a 2004 thread.
  4. I believe your manual should say required minimum 1 1/8 oz load to get the inertia to work properly. It does also say to use maybe a couple of boxes of heavy loads for break-in period. Some here claim to have action work well below 1 1/8oz after break-in. I personnaly always buy at least 1 1/8oz as my blood pressure does not handle jams very well so I front my extra monies for that piece of mind. Moreso during a hunt. I would not hesitate to go below factory recommendations at the range unless it's for competition.
  5. I never seen a plastic sleeve around a confort teck SBEII butt stock. Did you buy it used or new?
  6. Not sure where or when but, I read this before somewhere. Good advice though.
  7. Should be no problem just to release firing pin spring before storage which I always do. I never store any of my guns without dry firing first. If you plan on doing more than that, snap caps are always recommended.
  8. If it's for waterfowlling, get the Max4, you won't regret it. It's better for maintenance and rust prevention.
  9. I didn't think the full was recommended with steel shot?
  10. The one in the reciever is the same as in the barrell. Your mag is feeding after the first shot, but not the last. You may be needing to replace your mag spring. How old is the gun and how many rounds has this mag spring seen? Are you using atb least 1 1/8 oz shot?
  11. I have had my SBE II Max4 for 3 seasons now. The cammo is nice when it's raining as you don't have to worry as much for rusting. Most my buddies have black guns and you can almost hear them cry when they know they have to take out their black guns in the rain. Well, rain don't bother me one bit with my camm gun and raingear clothing. As far as wear, I don't throw it around by any means but I don't baby the gun either. I try to be carefull when time permits and yes the gun has a few scuff marks, but they blend in quite well with the cammo. For the price i paid, I try to be carefull with it
  12. I have only used Black Cloud and you should be fine with the provided Crio chokes. With the short barrel, you may however want to look at the extended chokes by Carlson or Patternmaster to extend the range distance of your shots. You should also always buy the 3".
  13. Being a 20GA, I would at least go with a #2 shot or BB and go with the IC or Mod choke. I would not shoot steel with the full choke. Read your manual for advice chart. What is the longest you can put in a Monte 20GA? 3.5" is the longest for 12GA. This is simply my opinion as others may tune in. I am not so familiar with the 20GA.
  14. Well I live in Canada and follow the laws of my country. The deal is to be prepared. If I am sleeping at night and get awakened by noise, I can get up, go to my dual(ammo & guns) gun safe, punch in the combination(which is hooked-up to my house alarm key pad where I can also push the silent panic button to notify police), open it up, load my Sig P226 with tack light lazer combo with a mag clip of 10 rounds in the dark ready to go in 15 seconds. That is the fastest I could do while practicing this in the dark. My safe is about 10 feet from my bed. In my safe, I always have a few tousand
  15. Whatever you do, don't ever try to shoot without a choke inside. For the price, I would personally never shoot slugs, but that's me. I'm pretty sure it's OK to do but not sure which choke to have in there when shooting it. You should have someone tunning in soon on that. Regards J
  16. Welcome to the forum here from New Brunswick Canada. Yea we can own guns and the PC party is about to pass a new law that will take away the obligation to register non-restricted firearms (long guns you can normally hunt with). In Canada, if you don't have a prohibited licence, it's extremly difficult to aquire one. About the only way to get that now is if you can prove that you are a collector.
  17. Benelli generally recommends you shoot at least 1 1/8 oz load. This is the minimum needed to get the inertia system to work properly. Try a heavy load and see what happens. 3" in BB should be sufficient. Unload a couple of boxes of that stuff to help with the break in. A lot will shoot below 1 1/8oz after break in and claim to have no issues. Personally, I don't take chances. I buy 1 1/8 + and never have problems. When I hunt, I don't want the embarassment of a FTF or jam using a Benelli. I refuse to give my buddies a chance to tease me about unreliability issues from Benellis. If yo
  18. Holy Benelli spokes. Could not have said it any better Tucker. I am with you all the way. Sure miss the old forum interface. Before, we used to have real knoledgeble advice from guys like you and other highly experienced Benelli senior members. Now all we get is responses with a cocky attitude from rooky members who appear to expect to have a respected opinion with less than 50 post under their belts. Seems that when one ask a question, you always get Mr macho tuff self proclaimed heavy hard hunter giving you feedback with an attitude. Trying to act like pukes I guess. Benelli, we
  19. Well as a firearms instructor for Corrections Canada, I call tell you that's not how we do things when teaching proper shooting technics and nor does the RCMP. Then again, we shoot at human paper targets with 00 Buck Shot. Closing your eyes after picking your traget and shouldering and being on target is in a perfect world which is not how we base our fitting and shooting. Even if your gun fits you perfectly, I don't believe for one minute that you will be on target every time by closing your eyes and aiming. I can't speak for Ducks Unlimited Instructors which I never knew even existed. Ha
  20. Welcome to the Benelli forum Supernova4911:cool:
  21. Tucker, what chokes do you use, factory or aftermarket?
  22. 50 and 60 yards? 1 yard = 3ft WTF:80 Yards?
  23. Nice to hear from you T301, haven't heard from you in a while. It's not the same now with this new web design. Not as interesting as it was before on the old web site. You almost don't feel like writting anything now, and by the looks of her I'm not the only one. You were always there for the expert opinion. So have you tried the BC Snow Goose yet?
  24. 70+ yards? I guess I really underestimated my gun and need to get me some HV. Never heard of that kind of velosity from a 12 GA. I guess with today's technologie with ammo and choke combination, they are pushing the limits.
  25. I just bought some Black Cloud Snow Goose 3" #2 at 1635 FPS. It's got what they call FLIGHT-STOPPER steel pellets. Consist of 60% standard steel, and 40% FLIGHT-STOPPER steel @ 1635 Feet per Second. Anybody try this stuff yet?
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