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  1. Looks like the post office is closed Monday. Will go out first thing Tues morning. RG
  2. Black, I pm'ed you to tell you I got the money order and will be sending your tube out on Monday. Thanks again, RG
  3. sent a pm to you Black with payment info.
  4. Don't know if this is the place to post it but could not find anywhere's else. I have a CC desert/brown Ti tube for sale. It is just the way it came from Kip a couple of months ago. I sold my camo M4 to a friend and he did not want it. Don't need it for my M4 entry. Would take 150.00 shipped for it. Somebody just let me know. Can contact me at [email protected] Thanks, RG
  5. rundm


    there is a guy on snipers hide selling a stock for 395.00 if your other company does not work out.
  6. where in Tx are you and do you have the collapsible stock for it? Pics to [email protected] Thanks, RG
  7. does anyone have an idea on how much one of these is going to cost? Thanks, RG
  8. can you please send me a copy of the pdf that you have also. [email protected] Thank you, RG
  9. just charge me now for one of the titanium ones and send it out to me when it is done. I want one of those bad and I want one soon. when will we be able to buy. If you took deposits now, you would at least know what you had to have up front. I can't see how you would not have at least a few hundred and most likely alot more at the prices and quality that you are talking about.
  10. rundm

    M4 vs Saiga 12

    the saiga, though not as refined as the m4 is a stone cold reliable weapon. I have both and like them both for diff reasons. I have wanted an m4 for the longest and I think them very well made. The saiga has removable mags for it that make loading a breeze. They also have 20 round drums for when the zombie hoards come. The benelli is an incredibly well built piece of art in my opinion that is capable of great accuracy with an ease of control not found on my saiga.
  11. Don't worry, I got a brand new one like you did last week and tried the same win stuff. I had some failure to fire and eject. I put slugs and buck shot in and no problems what so ever. Once you have shot a couple of boxes of the heavier stuff, your probs will go away. Just give it a short break in time.
  12. please send pics to [email protected] pics of everything you have for them. thanks, RG
  13. rundm

    M4 Pricing

    Dude, that m2 with all the extras is not selling for much less than the ar's. Also, there is someone on the ar15 website that is selling one of the m4's with the collapsible stocks for 2300 before his thread got locked for bumping his ad to much. Just go back a couple of days to find it. He is in the Dallas/Fortworth area.
  14. I want one of the packages if they become avail.
  15. Novaking, can you send me the name of your dealer that had the camo m4 for 1500? thanks, RG
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