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  1. I did the Mesa 6 Shot Rail. Will I need to modify the Sureshot? Thanks, TDL.
  2. OK, I got it now after 3 days. Thanks, TDL.
  3. Are you still OK with the SUREFIRE?
  4. OK, The Mag Tube scans are now posted on my Facebook page.
  5. IT is Chrome Molly. At least that is what the Manufacture claims @ the Web Site. I have no ID how to post a Scan on any Threads like other Members do. I am going to post the scans @ my Face book page.
  6. Check your Junk Mail. Sent from Gmail.
  7. No not @ all. The Tube was $50.00 off List Price. So that led me to believe I purchased a Quality Product. Well They sent me a Free White "T" Shirt with their Logos. So figure I did OK. Yes I am into Wood Working Projects. I am a Face Book Member with the same User ID. I put up scans of most of my Projects.
  8. Well most of this Thread has turned into a rhetorical post and reply. Take care, ZEE10103 (Arms are for Hugs).
  9. I always pre-drill my holes. Hey, can you send me a scan of this industrial Mag tube? And where I can purchase one. For my own safety I should have this one sitting on my Table Saw, and sell the Black tube @ my Gunbroker Page. Not sure if the colour will go well with my Table Saw. I do like the Black appearance.
  10. I don't know about that. I have pounded in 16 Penney deck nails in my deck 35 years ago, and still hold strong after being subjected to all the harsh elements in Florida. I am sure your Titanium Nails would not last but 3 years.
  11. In Florida a new law passed to protect us from the fear of prosecution. We do not have to run and hide. We can now face our attackers face to face.
  12. I my defence, MSRP $199.95. Chrome Molly Tube construction. I tested the strength of the Tube. I drove my Ford 2000 Tractor over it two times. Not even a scratch. This Mag is as strong as schedule 40 galvanized pipe.
  13. Is the DMW a bolt release or a Oversize Safety?
  14. Yes, I would like to get the Oversized Safety. But I installed one already. Wish I knew. Thanks, TDL.
  15. Yea, I could have spent more cash. Hey, I just got the new Beretta PX4 Sub-Compact 9mm.
  16. Man, I can not believe I started another 922r. Who did, and who did not Thread. My M4 is just a once in a while shooter. I have owned it now for @ least 2 months, and not fired a shot yet. My prefered House intruder is HK53, or MP5. Both are short with plenty of rounds for those Zombies.
  17. New USA M4 Magazine arrived today. Have scans @ my home page. Do not know how to transfer to the Thread. Freedom Fightertactical.com Sure is nice.
  18. Cool. Yesterday I installed Dave's Oversized on my M4.
  19. Is this the Speedbar made by DMW? Or a Oversized Safety?
  20. The DMW does interest me. Just how does it mount? I did see a right angle on one end. Is the Right Foregrip some way anchor the Speedbar?
  21. Wow, I like that. Custom made?
  22. Just installed the Oversize Safety on my M4. Dave's Metal Works. $35.00 shipped. I can easily use index finger to take it off safety now. Maybe next I will do the oversize Bolt Release. More difficult I guess.
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