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  1. Tex, I just posted some scans @ my home page. Repaired messed up M4.
  2. Yes Sir, you are hip on the pmags. Looking for the 20 rounders with the window if available in this configuration. Have a few of the NHMTG 20's. Should be testing out the 30 round pmags with my Uncle this weekend. Tex sent them to us.
  3. 922r compliant issues (Xamoel).
  4. Yes, I could not figure out the language @ the site. I reckon I am to know their definitions.
  5. We Floridians will soon have another Auto Tag available. The Confederate Flag Tag. I believe that will make over 120 different Specialty Tags. UNO you did mention the word.
  6. Ok, thats what I will do.
  7. Found Colt 20 and 30 round Factory Magazines. $17.00 each. And a 10% off coupon.
  8. Thank you again Sir. I will buy both sizes and follow suite.
  9. What is the difference? 12-3" or 12-3.5"
  10. BIGHAT, What is your FAA rating presint?
  11. Heck yea Tex. Lets place a 500 LB on the HOA's Presidents shack.
  12. Might strong words from a pie sling-er. I await the UNO come back.
  13. Need to drop na-palm on that Law Firm. I just need my old Led Sled and punch the Pickle Button.
  14. Yes, I will check it out. Before I d'anything I will post a ?. It has already ship. That was fast.
  15. I do have the Mesa 6 shot holder attached. I would like to keep it attached and @ the same time use the new rail as well. I will try my metal cutting skills. I will need to locate three full length rail covers as well.
  16. Hookster, Just ordered and saved 15%. Shipped $184.31 Almost $30.00 off. No I can replace that bicycle tire with my savings.
  17. You know they want $15.00 to ship the Rail. That's about 15 lbs.
  18. Yes, that was what I was thinking. If rail covers are install, than it is almost a Pringle Can size. The factory Grips are large enough already. Now John Wayne would have no issues. We kept flying over the Alamo Set during filming. Mr. Wayne met up with us one day. Funny A sole Indian on horse back, than a F4 flying in the back set @ 170 knots.
  19. Thank you for the scan and info. Question, do you prefer the Factory Grip, or does the KZ feel right. This is not a sensual phrase. Straight up. Thanks, TDL.
  20. That is the Bolt. It is in side the big silver thing that goes back and forth. Bolt Carrier. The pistons are mounted on top of the barrel.
  21. Yes sir, I did the same email question. Awaiting their response. Man do you think it it that difficult to stamp a piece of tin? You know I can fab up a die and press it marked Made in USA with the Chuck tools and equipment I have. Just lit the Wood Burner Stove for the first time this season. 44 degrees in Florida this AM.
  22. What it the web site went bankrupt, and no info available @ a latter date? Is it that costly to identify a piece of steel? Man, Micro chips are identified made in Japan. Only 3 mm across.
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