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  1. zee10103

    Slugs and M4

    Thanks for all your help. Zee
  2. I might buy the 14 inch O.E.M barrel. Question, have you installed the 14 on any 18 with out removing Bolt Group and firing it. I understand the legality in doing so on a different Receiver. I would want to exchange Barrel only and Form one a existing M4. so you understand my question. Thanks, zee.
  3. You read my mind concerning the ridiculous Question. I want to burn Jet Fuel in my 67 Ford Mustang. I should ask Ford if this is a stupid idea or not.
  4. I was lucky to pick up one priced new in the box, $450. Some times a good deal does happen. zee.
  5. Do you have the Part number for this Choke? zee.
  6. Pick up that Pistol Grip Stock @ Numrich e-gunparts.com less than $300.00 dead Presidents.
  7. I have a mint WW11 Tiger Tank Binoculars I pulled from a smashed Tank many years ago when I was stationed in Germany. 154th Weather Squadron. If I could figure a way to mount it, I think it would work just fine.
  8. The threads are in a different location than the Midway link.
  9. zee10103

    Slugs and M4

    I am not @ all Savoy with locating any M4 chokes. All them thread difference's mess me up.
  10. Do you want it before I drop it, or after it lands in the pool?
  11. You Rascal, you. O, my lands.
  12. A broken toe and or foot Amby.
  13. Probably some old gun smith only familiar with antique fire arms told you that. Man slam and dance with that pretty bolt carrier. You could drop it from 1200 feet, pull the bolt back and empty the mag with out any improper functions. I am going up in a Huey Sunday. I just might try doing just, that @ 350 feet. I will try to target a swimming pool on the first drop.
  14. Cool, The Wife and I watched The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance last night.
  15. I would guess the fastest way is to go on your porch and load up 3 rounds, and let it rip. Or dissemble the weapon to inspect the Firing pin.
  16. Tex, you must make big bucks fixing those Yce Cubers.
  17. Tex, What is a visitor message @ my home page.

  18. I do have a extra after market. I fixed your spelling on the word tactical. zee
  19. I landed in the mud after 34 seconds. I do the same when I drive a vehicle. Always scanning instrument panel. When I flew the U2, every 15 Min's, made adjustment with ******** top secret. That JAF burns fast. Less weight, go faster.
  20. What is a Firt? Some new bread of Cat?
  21. Should not have any adverse effects on the M4 or any assault weapon. Not a good ID to dry fire any weapon other than the Suomi M31. The firing pin is mechanically fastened to the Bolt Head.
  22. zee10103

    Slugs and M4

    Cool, I will check it out. Thanks, TDL.
  23. zee10103

    Slugs and M4

    1992 SOF Meet. 1892, I was a vampire hunter in southern elyasi. Beee COOOOL, TDL.
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