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  1. I must have burned Unobtanium @ my ebay site, with the Daisy Cleaning kit he bid on. Sorry, I will send a full refund A/S/A/P.
  2. Yea, I showed my good friend "Paco" the Kitty Rifle. He found one @ Limbs R' Us two days ago. The one Paco looked @ comes with a cute Pink Bayonet.
  3. I am ready to start a new Thread. "Tossed New USA Magazine Today".
  4. Did my Percocet refill today. I am back to my old self again.
  5. ona mi, Ich-e- Bon Son, Yame Kedobhie. Heit!
  6. Black will be Chicky and so slickly. Thanks, TDL.
  7. Unobtanium, OhioM4 Posted a You Tube Video. Sure would have saved many hours @ your PC explaining your position. His single post explained it in seconds. Now, CarrierComp. Is this the best for a M4? If so which one of the three available? Thanks, TDL.
  8. Yea Man, That's so cool Dude. Thanks, TDL.
  9. Well I checked the price of the Porsche Pads, $119.69
  10. Yes I agree, Wall thickness will be a concern. Threaded @ both ends will remove much needed materials. The thickness will most likely have to be 5 times fold. But it is a interesting concept OhioM4 Posted.
  11. The same stuff Deck Nails are made from.
  12. I would say the weakest point of any weapon is the Ammo. Ammo is a uncertainty.
  13. My neighbor Gator is a Carbon Firer Guy. Every thing from Vests to Aviation components. I will see what he knows and i bet he can develop one. Thanks for the Idea. TDL.
  14. Well' I am sure far from becoming a Metallurgist this Century. I ran a Google search seeking Failed tin and or paper mache after market Shotgun Magazines. Zero Hits. Fire Arms are purchased for many different reasons. Any way Arms are for Hugs. TDL.
  15. I dig it, I came up with the same stats. TDL.
  16. Texas Skeeetr, You are the Man with the plan. it is my belief some Members have this ego and desire to confuse others with their Earthly elements. Save the Planet, Recycle. Please leave Titanium in the Ground. I can under stand purefiction, but please it is just a Firearm. If you did not have a back up Weapon, well that is your fault.
  17. What was it you said? Thanks, TDL
  18. How many LBS with 7+1+8 and a Scope? I just received the same Sling today. Thanks, TDL.
  19. Spell check for that nice Peter-Built.
  20. Almost their. The Mag Tube still sits on Table Saw. Hesitating to do a stupid thing. Or wait till US Made parts are available. I see a Mag Fowler is around, but no USA Markings. Could have been made in Japan. I hear some Trigger Group Parts may be comming soon. Any way we sent the White House a message last night. We do not agree with all the spending and the way Obama is forcing us into a Communist Country. I Had to watch Fox News this AM. All other Stations were Down playing the Elections. and why the Land Slide.
  21. I dreamed that Unobtanium was a ATF Agent, and a long time friend. He arrested me on Weapons Charges pursuit to 922r.
  22. Thank you again Mr. Hookster. You know before I do purchase any more parts for the M4, I will need to run it buy Unobtanium first. With all the events occurring in my life, I do not need another critic in my face.
  23. Yes I agree. Before I load up and some Buck Shot I need to do the lock tight on all five of the bolts.
  24. Cool, and thanks for kicking in. Do you have a perfered seller for this Forarm? Have not seen any @ feebay.
  25. Did you decide not to use the Mesa Mount? I ended up using the same five bolts and washers. No clearance issues with the removal or installation of the barrel.
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