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  1. A Junior user asked me the question. I have a spare Stock. He was interested in taking it off my hands.
  2. Yes a great Gun Bag, I have one also. Works with the M2. Even with the Extended Ported Choke. Thanks, TDL.
  3. I have to keep all Fire Arms in a Safe. Do you have the sellers info. I would check out the site. Thanks, TDL.
  4. Black, Lays flat when open. Lot's of padding. Magazine pockets. Does not have to float. Heavy duty zipper, Grip handle with a rap to keep both handles together. A sling attached to the back of Case. Something like that. I did find only one @ Midway. Did not see any reviews for that model.
  5. Glad I could put a smile on your face during these pressing economic times. (Arms are for HUGS).
  6. :)Looking for a nice 36 inch Soft Tactical Case for the M4. I do not want to spend $100.00 either. I have checked Midway, Natchez. Thanks, TDL.
  7. I will guess, 922 of them?
  8. 922r will be in last of all charges if a owner of a M4 committed a Felony. Good Response Sir. I do not know of any crimes committed with a M4, M2. Criminals chose the $100-200 deals.
  9. Hookster, Can you answer the last ? @ this Thread? Benelli M2 comfortech stock?

  10. I would have no ID. May ask one of the Senior Members. These guys know allot on Benelli parts.
  11. Yes, I am in Florida. My friend also moved to Corpus Cristie Texas. We do not keep records either.
  12. Thanks, will sleep sound @ night from now on. Not having to worry about ATF knocking down my Front Door down @ 2:00 AM.
  13. I ordered two of the Slings today. Thanks again for your help.
  14. That is what i guessed. Did George Bush Senior signed that Bill.
  15. Is The M1014 is the Military Version with out any 922 compliance restrictions ? Than if receiver is stamped M4 it falls under 922 legislation?
  16. Would this also be named a "Drop Change Kit"?
  17. I have seen many M4 Benelli 12 Gauge Shotguns with a US Flag on the right side of receiver. How do these Flags get their?
  18. In A situation if a lamp is needed, I just use a small Mag Light with a strong Rubber Band on my thumb, which is on the Foregrip facing forward. The Rubber Band is already attached to the Mag lamp. When I exit the Car, it only takes a second.
  19. I have a Factory Take off M2 Comfort Stock if you still need one.
  20. The Stock is available @ Numrich Gun Parts Corporation. 866-686-7424 I bought one last year for my M2. O.E.M. Pistol Grip Stock. Perfect fit and comfort. It is pricey. Over $250.00 Shipped. If you can not find the web site, let me know, I will look it up.
  21. Thanks for the link. I could not find it @ their site. I have some of these on my AR Platforms, and HK Platforms. A ebay seller sold them years ago. $34.00 is a decent $. I will grab a few Slings and a Shell Carrier. Thanks again.
  22. Was looking @ their Slings. Not sure witch one to use on the Benelli's. I do need Slings. Went to Shoot Straight for the annual sale. Did pick up a nice Gun Case. My dad picked up a N.I.B. Colt LE for $1400 out the door. They have 4 left.
  23. Thanks for your help. I should get one for the M2. Looks like a sturdy Shell carrier mount.
  24. Installed the 6 Shot Mesa Rail Mount last night. Have some scans posted @ my page.
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