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  1. zee10103

    Slugs and M4

    How do I tell if the Slug is riffled? Break one down?
  2. The "Q" Tips has me rolling. Thanks, TDL.
  3. @ what location is the Factory installed Magazine dis-formed? How did the Factory Magazine come to be in this manner?
  4. Yes, the 3 inch cycle great. A lot more kick than the 2 3/4
  5. Lose the Lamp. Pain to remove in order to service Weapon.
  6. Is this your first Fire Arm? Or First Tactical Weapon?
  7. Go with the KZ. you will not be disappointed. I have a couple scans @ my home page.
  8. zee10103

    Slugs and M4

    Do Slugs and my M4 with the Factory Choke go well? I have many 1oz left from a Vegas Shoot Meet back in 92.
  9. I need to clean house as well. Considering selling a M2 with all the extras.
  10. Santa was good to me this Year. New Photos @ my home page. Merry Christmas Tex, TDL.
  11. I installed it yesterday. Went with the Red Follower. Thanks, TDL.
  12. I think the M2 Tactical has small dimple covers on upper. Pull all of the out, and a Rail will mount The M2 Field has no mounting holes provided.

  13. Yes it is a take off. New Shotgun. Never used. I would just spend the $160 and pick it up today @ the shop.
  14. Yea, I looked @ them and the one @ $199.00 Benelli Home parts will not click. No prices.
  15. I think it sells for more than your offer. I will need to research the value.
  16. What is your US Postal Money Order offer? Thanks, TDL.
  17. I bought the 2 wheel cart that was in the Josie Whales Film. Still hauls all my tools to and from the job. I am looking for a new Mule Team.
  18. No, I drive a 2 wheel cart. Your Christmas Card is on Ti's way.
  19. Very happy with the performance and ease of operation. I give a 5 Star rating. The Maglula Loader/ Unloader also works great. I am not going to drive over it to test the Mag.
  20. I can fix you up with a job in Central Florida. Can you repair roof top a/c units? At least Florida is not handing out IOUS to it's creditors.
  21. zee10103

    M4 choke?

    Where can I buy M4 Choke Tubes?
  22. Figure the last and only add on will be some Rail covers.
  23. Yes sir. The cut I made worked well, just past the T 14 on the Rail. Went with the Platinum Full length Magazine Tube.
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