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  1. Nothing anymore....used to be Shifter-Karts and MX
  2. I guess that 10 day wait worked out in your favor! Congrats!
  3. Youll have to check with customer service or maybe somebody else on here knows. I just did a quick google search and it would appear that the grizzly is the SBE under a different name. So, it would appear that it would be compatible with the original SBE chokes. Again, I would double check with customer service or do some further searching online.
  4. Ten days....HA! Here in Oregon it takes 10 minutes, Sounds like you've got a fun build ahead of you!
  5. Understandable! I love all guns. Theres just something about a bolt gun and being able to get ten shots into a quarter at 100 yards that peeks my interest though. If it doesnt have to be a .308 I believe his ARs have the same accuracy guarantee.
  6. Those stocks make that rifle look like a whole different animal. I want one of those too! But I think the les baer rifle will come first. Skeeter if you want accuracy you should take a look at those as well. http://www.lesbaer.com/boltaction.html Its a bolt action, but that is one **** of an accuracy guarantee!
  7. Holy sh*t! Its hard enough to find a place that will let you fire off a .50, you would be hard pressed to find a range for that big boy! With that said...I want one.
  8. I can see it now.... Texas Mosquito: "Freeze B***h or I'll shoot!" Bad Guy: AHAHAHAHAHA, Cute gun sunshine! Get that out of a cracker jack- Benelli: "___" (Thats the sound of a silenced shotty firing into the bad guy) Bad Guy: Noo!.....Ive been shot with an air soft gun! Annnnd cut scene. lol
  9. .50s are over rated! How about a TRG-42, or at least the .416?
  10. Now....is this ia HM theme? OR are you planning on sniping her? lol the owner of the local guns stores buys all his daughters weapons and duracoats them in some form of pink.
  11. You could always contact duracoat...I'm sure they would make it pink for you!
  12. LOL. You want to shoot at a pile with 1000s fireants in it???? Where's your life partner at to tell you this is a bad idea?
  13. Haha, I figure as long as I'm buying a shotgun silencer for sh-its n giggles, it may as well look like the one in the movie!
  14. I want one. How come I can't get one in brushed aluminum like in No Country for Old Men???
  15. A 12 ga silencer?? I didn't think that had been invented yet.
  16. Is that for a custom light? I have been contemplating. Getting the 700 lumen model. You should just get a surefire hellfighter and mount that too the M4. I'm sure somebody could make you a custom pack to carry the car battery that powers it! Lol
  17. 10,000 lumens??? Have you seen the lights made by Elektro Lumens? There all handmade. Pretty amazing IMO. http://Www.elektrolumens.com
  18. Yeah, I want one. I've got a bit of saving to do before I can get one though
  19. That sucks! I can't believe there open on sundays at all! There not here. Oh well though, it will give you time to change your mind and go for one of these instead. http://www.lesbaer.com/boltaction.html That's one **** of an accuracy guarantee! Even better than on a Jarret.
  20. I must have mispoke. This was a wood stock. I was saying that the stain on it was all sorts of splotchy and the plastic shroud on it looked like it was made w/o a care in the world about the quality of the finished product. I'm not saying it wouldn't have worked, I just think for the price I would like a better looking gun. I have seen nothing but good things from srpingfields cs. Like I was saying before my friend bought a socom, and the barrel had no rifling so it wouldn't group for **** and the bullets would start to tumble. One call to cs and they sent him a new barrel. There a great company. That particular gun just wasn't for me.
  21. Awesome! Glad you like it. I guess this just proves that the Vinci is a girls gun.
  22. Yes they are, I almost bought a m1 match model a few months ago, but decided against it. The fit and finish on it just didn't impress me at all. Take a look at the plastic on it, IMO they tried saving money a bit to much on that gun. Also the finish on the stock was all sorts of splotchy. Just wasn't doing anything for me.
  23. Man, I love that gun. My friend bought one a little over a year ago, and after trying god only knows how many loads with it, neither of us could get it to group at less than 6" (And we normally are getting less than an inch at 100yards) Turned out to be defective barrel and springfield took care of everything. Put the new one in and she shot like a dream! I wish he hadnt sold it for an R25. Oh well, just another gun to put on my wish list
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