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  1. Hey Drundel, I know this is off topic but I see you have the Surecycle mag upgrade on both your black eagles. I was contemplating getting it for mine. Does it really make much of a difference?
  2. This one looks an awful lot like there "EZ-BOLT" I may be wrong though http://www.brownells.com/.aspx/pid=26819/Product/TACTICAL_SHOTGUN_BOLT_HANDLE I like this one though. http://www.brownells.com/.aspx/pid=5798/Product/BENELLI_BERETTA_LARGE_BOLT_HANDLE
  3. http://www.brownells.com/.aspx/cid=0/k=Benelli+Bolt+handle/t=P/ksubmit=y/Products/All/search=Benelli_Bolt_handle Any of these work?
  4. I doubt it was the gun itself. The .40 cal round has a lot of "snap" to it. I have always shot well with 9mm, 44mag, .45ACP, .454 casull, and .460sw. I can BARELY stay on the paper with a .40. I have shot both glocks and springfields in .40 and I got the same results from both. IMO all the HKs I have shot kicked quite a bit less than there same caliber counterpart from another manufacturer. Not to mention the P2000 has a pretty short barrel, and will therefore be more susceptible to snapping up on you.
  5. I had a USP Tactical .45 I wanted a mark 23 but it doesnt fit my hands as well. A friend of mine has an older mark 23 and its amazing. Pretty cool, you can make it a single shot so the slide doesnt move when you want to be sneaky. I LOVED my USP, best handgun I have have ever fired. Unfortunately I sold mine as I dont need a handgun(however I want a lot of them). Will be buying another soon.
  6. You can keep em. Ill stick with my Max-4 camo model.
  7. I already have a .300WM rifle that is just as versatile and ballisitically a far better round than the .30-06. I'm looking for something other than a .30 cal rifle
  8. Thanks for the great info. The .270 has been in my top 3 for my deer rifle calibers. Its a great, highly versatile round. I hadn't even thought about the steeper angles of the shoulder. There's just to many damn choices, I have much to think about. I've spent some time looking through a zeiss spotting scope, I agree I did think it brought light in nicely, I just wasn't impressed with the crispness and clarity of the image.
  9. Thanks Steve, thats a nice looking bear. I'm not to terribly worried about the condition of the pelts on coyotes so I should be fine. But who knows, hopefully Barnes will come up with a .277 diameter Varmint grenade and MPG bullet in the time it takes for me to pick up this rifle Is that the VX-III-L I see on your rifle? If so, how do you like it? Im thinking if I get the R1 I will buy that scope, and swap it with the VX-III I am currently using on my .300WM. I missed a shot at a monster bull elk this year by about 5 minutes because my scope wasnt letting enough light in to identify it as a bull when it was standing dead still in front of some bushes. I dont want that to happen again...ever.
  10. Between Brownells and midwayUSA I can usually find what I need. http://www.midwayusa.com Heres another one that has some Factory Benelli parts http://www.gunpartscorp.com/
  11. hmmm....So, it still doesnt show up when viewing this forum on my phone. Anybody else get this?
  12. I met a lady selling specialty rounds at the gun show, and when I asked her about the flamethrowers and bird bombs she made me swear I wasn't a cop and then told me they were $7 a shell. She says(and id take this with very little value) that she shoots them out of her bespoke $30000 HH o/u all the time with no ill effects. She didn't sell me on them.
  13. He would probably have two peons firing off the 30ft flamethrower shells as he walked under them to announce to everybody it was his turn on the range. Lol who would shoot those out of a benelli! Id go buy a single shot H & R for those
  14. LOL tear gas? Oh man, I could have some fun with those!
  15. I guess! For some reason they weren't showing up when I viewed the forum on my phone
  16. Nevermind, guess it was just me. I can see them now
  17. NOBODY here has one in .270 WSM?
  18. There legal here in oregon. The cops here tend to be a bit more suspicious of you if they see your carrying an auto(even though most every cop I know carries an infidel on duty).
  19. I like the stryker as well, there great knives and I'm not knocking there use as a tactical knife. I just feel the speedsafe design is a more reliable design for me.
  20. Really, that's it? I would have figured they would be worth a lot more.
  21. Out of curiosity, how much does a xxx001 serial numbered special edition like those two go for these days?
  22. Buck knives aren't bad. There hunting knives have probaby been used to clean more game than any other knife company in america. I'm just not a fan of there folders.
  23. I'm going to ignore your comment on buck knives. Comparing coldsteel to a benchmade auto isn't really a fair comparison, but he does have a point about autos in general. There not as fast as my kershaw blur, which is what I use for daily carry. Its not an auto, but it does have the speedsafe action on it. I would never use an auto in a situation where I was relying on my knife, I just think there fun. But, back to your question, in relation to other autos, benchmades are the best in my opinion. EDIT…Forgot to mention, Kershaw knives are made in Oregon too!
  24. Yep! I've got a couple of them. I plan on picking up there HK edition out the front auto in the next week or so. There even made in Oregon
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