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  1. Dang that sucks...Guess you shoulda bought a SBEII...lol jk. I wasnt referring specifically to the vinci. Just pointing out that thats the shortest I have seen. Good to know though that there not out yet for the vinci. Since stock LOP is 14 3/8 Its a good idea to know just how much shorter you can make it. Dont wanna go in there thinking you can bring it down farther than is possible. THen you just have a really expensive gun that doesnt fit well, and you probaby wont be happy with it at that point.
  2. You should be just fine....when you take a look at them keep in mind you can get replacement pads that will reduce trigger pull to as little as 13.5"...I'm pretty sure. Brownells, numrich, and midway are all great places to look for benelli parts. Numrich has the most factory stuff though.
  3. I bought a SBEII, The OP still seems to be undecided. Hattles has a good point. These Benellis all have great recoil reducing abilities. Find which one fits you best, and go with it, you wont be dissapointed if you go with a 12ga. Ive shot through over 700 shells in one afternoon shooting clays and I didnt have a single bruise or sore muscle the next day. When I used to do that with the old Ithaca, I was feeling every shot the next day.
  4. Its super easy too! Only took me about 5 minutes once I found the right tools. THanks again tucker
  5. Welcome to the forum! How big are you? What have you shot previously? Ive had girlfriends go shooting with me as small as 5'2, 110lbs shoot my 12 ga with no problems other than the LOP being a bit to much. What is it that draws you to the vinci? Why not a cordoba, or a M2? Those two are already offered in a 20ga model if you decide thats what you want.
  6. Im sure it COULD cause rust, if you let it. oh well, Im happy with mine. It works great for hunting W. Oregon as I dont have anything to keep track of other than whats on my gun. I dont like having to keep track of a monopod or a separate tr****.
  7. I figured it had to be something like that. lol. You can get a barrel mount for the harris b****s. I would think that should work even for the R1. Im not going to bother with the link sorry
  8. GAH! I dont know why it wont work. just do a Google search.
  9. Thats wierd, it wont give the correct link. its www. harrisb****s .com
  10. They attach to the sling swivel stud. Super easy, takes about 30 seconds to take on or off and its solid as a rock. OOPS, Forgot the R1 sling stud isnt in the normal position. Theres an adapter you can get from Harris that will allow you to mount it to any gun. http://www.harrisb****s.com/
  11. I love my Harris ultralight. http://www.cabelas.com/cabelas/en/templates/links/link.jsp?id=0005825220692a&type=product&cmCat=SEARCH_all&returnPage=search-results1.jsp&Ntk=Products&QueryText=Harris+b****&sort=all&Go.y=0&N=0&Nty=1&hasJS=true&_dyncharset=ISO-8859-1&_DARGS=/cabelas/en/common/search/search-box.jsp.form23&Go.x=0
  12. Haha my first shotgun was a pg mossberg 500 w/ an 20" barrel. My friends laughed too until I started bustin clays wth it from the hip! I have no problem with trying something different...but a combat shotgun for quail is still funny.
  13. If I showed up bird hunting with an M4, I would be laughed outta the state.
  14. Between these three you can pretty much find just about any gun part out there. http://www.brownells.com http://www.gunpartscorp.com/ and http://www.midwayusa.com
  15. Now now guys, calm down. I'm not saying that the stock trigger is junk. I have shot many shotguns and its actually one of my favorite stock triggers. BUT! I still would like it to have a lighter pull and a more crisp action. Preferably without having to ship it to somebody. I guess I will have to have a chat with the local gunsmith.
  16. I learn something new everyday!
  17. Theres a few in here http://www.gunpartscorp.com/catalog/Products.aspx?catid=10327
  18. Its not "hard to pull". I am more than capable of pulling the trigger when the time comes to do so. Its merely a personal preference. I have become accustomed to a light, crisp trigger pull, and I would like one on my benelli as well.
  19. I have done a few searches and have yet to find a satisfactory answer. I have a SBEII and I would like to improve the trigger. From what I have read it seems like I would have to send my trigger/gun to somebody. Is there a kit I can buy to have a local gunsmith install? Has anybody here modified there trigger? what kind and are you happy with it?
  20. I apologize that was off topic. I was responding to Skeeters response. As for the two guns for hunting purposes....Have you ever fired either of them? As far as I know the inertia system that they run on is identical. They should both fire the same rounds, so IMO the only real factor for you to decide would be which one feels best. If you can, shoot both of em.
  21. Was down at the local gun store Handling the M2 Tactical and the M4 for the first time....Now I want an M4 Damn't!
  22. Heres the Gel pad... http://www.brownells.com/.aspx/pid=23787/Product/GEL_PAD__RH__13_5_LOP
  23. Hmm....I may need to pick up that and that rounded bolt handle this week.
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