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  1. Its all good. Go have fun with that thing!
  2. Take a look in your manual, it should tell you there. But they stand for, improved cylinder, modified, and improved modified. They should have notches in them as well, c has 5 on down to full, with 1 notch. The less notches the tighter the pattern. They should also indicate on the side whether or not there ok to use with steel shot.
  3. Just shoot the damn thing! Stay away from the real hard kicking stuff and you will no doubt enjoy every minute with that vinci. I have shot all sorts of 12 ga loads and aside from a few magnum slugs and turkey loads, none of it kicks to bad. Start out with the light trap loads. If you have a few FTE, you just might have to suck it up and shoot a couple hundred high dram rounds through it to get that thing cycling like a champ. Just go shoot!
  4. That sounds like fun! There's nothing to be scurred of...
  5. GBMotorsports


    Looks the same to me! lol
  6. GBMotorsports


    OMG....is that an 870 tactical????
  7. Meh. I have always preferred the look of Max-4...
  8. I thought it was rather fair. Anything below 80 is below average intelligence...to be a 17?? Eesh.
  9. Im surpised you havent bought/begged/borrowed your way to get the #1 spot for this forum...
  10. Ironically, 17 is also his IQ. I always forget that whole Al Gore thing....Where would we be without him
  11. wow....FL had internet in 2003?
  12. Thats an awful lot of stuff. HAs anybody used there dry lube? My bottle leaked in my gun case and it started eating away the plastic....not so sure I want to use it on my guns!
  13. lol, Duhhhh....Why would there be an elephant and hippo on a shotgun? Buckshot is nasty, but not THAT powerful!
  14. Now THAT'S a good looking gun....
  15. I like those Raven holsters since you can keep the light attached. I have always used these http://www.blackhawk.com/catalog/Holsters,16.htm And I had this one for my USP Tactical http://www.blade-tech.com/Tactical-Thigh-Holsters-c-264.html Holsters are a very preferential thing. You cant just pick one to do everything you want. It all depends on what your intended use for the gun is and how you want to carry it.
  16. As far as I know, Benelli doesnt monitor these forums in any official capacity. .22-250 is a great caliber, It will be one of my next purchases.
  17. Yes I would much prefer a .243 over a .270wsm...but as long as were dreaming I want one in .280AI too!
  18. Oh man I wish I had the cash for that right now!
  19. Yeah that's what I have been worried about. I shot thousands of rounds through my USP tactical .45 and never had a ftf. Shot 5 mags through a full size Covert II and had 2. Its possible they were my fault but I doubt it. I'm leaning towards a .357 sig P2000sk.
  20. I dont wanna hijack this thread but....How do you like your Covert Ultra? I am thinking about getting that as my concealed carry gun. Either that or an HK
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