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  1. Anyone have any experience with Noveske? I ordered the qds and no response from them. No response to email, they charged my account, ordered still says unfulfilled and they don't pickup the phones. They are terrible... How they stay in business like this. Would have ordered them from Midway, but they were out of stock at the time. Ticks me off.... (Rant off)... Might just tell cc company to dispute it and order somewhere else. Geeze...
  2. Kewl, maybe use this thread as heads up for folks... hard enough to find if you don't know where to look other than auction sites... Thanx...
  3. I think most lights that failed in the past are all filament based bulbs. They cannot handle the abuse. Even the lights that came previous to the led, (forget name of bulb type), similar to like the bulbs in Maglites, etc.., were not as strong to handle constant abuse.... But LEDs are rigid and have no filaments and are tiny these days. Unless something actually cracks like a control board / circuit board or solder connection, I don't suspect failure. IMHO of course..
  4. Figured I'd throw this up here because there are always folks wanting them.... This guy on ebay has a couple in stock (new) if anyone is interested. $200 Free Shipping http://www.ebay.com/itm/Factory-Benelli-Standard-M4-Shotgun-Stock-NEW-/291029855123?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item43c2bb2b93
  5. Joel, any word from my contact yet? I know the demo arrived. I was demo-ing it to a couple Sheriffs the other day. They like it.
  6. That's why I retracted the request... Not that asking the manufacturer every little thing about lights is a good idea beings he's pretty much a one man army, but just too many to do. As you mentioned, easier just to post the clearance and sizes on his web site.
  7. Joel, you going to compile a list of lights that will work with your mounts and that can sustain a shotgun recoil by chance? Never mind, sounds like a dumb request... Gotta get more coffee...
  8. Move the light forward a tad, (mount on tail cap), you might be able to get away not having to loosen mount to change battery... careful not to smush it too tight. May cause cap to deform and you will not be able to loosen body to open.
  9. Why you posting your crack pipe online?
  10. Possibly.... But everything is going to have to wait till after the holidays. The Noveske points sound easier in a long run, but keeping it close to original w/o drilling is nice too. I'm already in trouble from wife for buying too many toys this year and her orders are in. After her clamoring this morning, I had to remind her where recent funds went, like for HER new pistol, etc.... You know how that goes... lol.. PS: We need to get this man (BW) a few beers!
  11. LMAO! Hey, don't shoot the messenger. There was never an explanation like this anywhere on the net. Believe me, I looked. It definitely is one helluva ensemble... my head still hurts. Why so elaborate? Couldn't it be simpler I wonder? Doesn't seem hard to do after looking at everything. Only thing would be getting that long extension and extra nut. I'm guessing because it says, "may desire", that the nut can stay on without interference in anything else? Again, many thanks Benne... This topic should be stickied...
  12. My head hurts now.... Lmao.... Thanx Bene...
  13. What I meant was something manufactured, (drop in), that the end user didn't have to custom install... I've been thinking it over and I like the look of the Noveske over the IWC... Even tough they are more expensive, prob go that route next week sometime. Slap one on both sides. Don't really need the set points. Will slobber some JB Weld once in.... Unless I wake up 3AM with another one of my rocket science ideas, there's no sense over thinking this. Just surprised nobody invented something yet.
  14. But at least you have options with collapsible stocks. Us stuck with no options other than field stocks are screwed. I think this type could be made just as easy as SD modified his old BLAM mount. Just not enough meat to play with.
  15. This is what GG&G has for the M4... how much more effort would it take to create one with a 1/2 hole??? I don't get it...
  16. Exactly, SD.... Nobody seems to have an answer for this no matter where I look. Bene... I'm very familiar with that diagram... Can it come out and why can't we use the Noveske sling plate? Noveske also says no and says removing the plate requires a gunsmith... [h=1]Benelli QD Sling Plate[/h] [h=2]$29.95[/h] QD sling mount plate for the Benelli M1 Super90 -Steel QD Mount -4 Position, rotation limited -Parkerized Finish -Uses standard QD Swivel (Not included) Weight: 1oz. Replaces the swivel plate in the M1S90 stock. The stock must be removed for installation. The Benelli M4 uses the same plate but it is not designed to be removed from the stock. It is very difficult to remove and should only be done so by a qualified armor/gunsmith.X
  17. It's welded they say... I'd really like to see something like GG&G makes... If they can make something like this: http://www.gggaz.com/benelli-m4-single-point-sling-attachment-looped.html Why can't they do something with a half inch hole? I do have an idea for an ampi point on the stock but I'd have to draw it to make my point. I'll see what I can come up with when I get to my desk in the morning.
  18. Not sure you would need the sheet metal if you used JB Weld steel.... Just rough the inside and spread it thin... Same affect. Also don't think my wife would like using her cookie sheets. But if lacking any metal, like my grandpa did in the old days to close up holes, the top or bottom of a coffee can after it has been cut off the old fashion way, or any can for that matter. Found this thread while snooping. Looks nice... http://www.brianenos.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=150113
  19. What the Frack!, double post. Sorry.
  20. I'm not crazy about the mounting in plastic idea either. Really wish there were better options. Maybe add a backplate to it. Or better yet. JB Weld the inside surface over a 2" square area, smooth it down and drill through that. We'll see. I have both JB Welds here. Plastic and Steel.. Sux that the sling plate does not come out without maiming it. Maybe we can get Joel to come up with a QD that attaches to the sling plate with a torx screw or something, hint hint. Also, why not something between the receiver and stock. Nobody has anything like this. I got some time today. Maybe I'll pop it open and stare at it for a few hours. I find when I do that as I ponder, I get creative.
  21. Meant to ask you. Do you know what QD would be long enough to go through the stock or are they all the same length? Cause IWC asks which rifle in the drop down. Just pick Rem870 buttstock or? http://www.impactweaponscomponents.com/product/qd-micro-mount/ Also, briefly looked at the pad yesterday. Not going to take it apart till I get the sockets. But I've seen sphincters on frogs that are more open than that screw hole. What type of screw is it?
  22. Wasn't sure about the room inside.. Good idea putting on the right side. We are so conventionally set on the left all the time just never considered it. They are cheap enough. Maybe if there is room, just put one on both sides just in case. Uncle Mikes has some too I found... Thanx SD...
  23. SD: Nice job on the front but you have the AVA now too don't ya? I resolved the front end problem with the new AVATactical Light mount. I need to get something to the rear of the receiver. BW: We cannot have that stock system in NJ on the M4 unfortunately.. Otherwise in a heartbeat. The last one you show from Noveske would be great but that is not listed for the M4 and from what I understand you cannot remove the rear sling mount from the M4 field stock. Please correct me if I'm wrong... What I've read from many web searches, for some reason, that plate is welded in the M4... Is this true because it that Noveske mount would work, we'd be golden...
  24. Thanx, will check that too. (PS: After range today, bringing M4 over to shop to show owner your mount. If he likes, he'll contact you. I'll pass his info to you in pm later...)
  25. Hehe, I figured the master of mods would know... Got a picture? I prefer it as to close to the receiver as possible too.
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