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  1. I didn't even know Fiocchi made them. What I liked about the Rems is they are made to actual size and weight. They work perfectly in training.... I looked and can't find any online. Like truckcop said, just get on the list and back order them. I can't see any reason nobody has them other than just bad timing for ya. I'm sure they'll get them in soon.
  2. Remington makes them too. I bought a box of 25 from Brownells.... Just got to find them in stock somewhere.
  3. Not for pistol, but the Aimpoint Pro.... Best bang or the buck... Or any of the others they sell. H1, T1, etc...
  4. Geeze, almost gave me a heart attack. Thought I was going to be disappointed at the beach... Nice.... [ATTACH=CONFIG]2163[/ATTACH]
  5. bhunted

    M4 Porn

    Dang fake gun porn. Sheesh. I was expecting to see some hot babes messing with thee M4...
  6. Sorry man... thanks. That's what getting old does to you sometimes. I call it CRS... ;-)
  7. If it's stronger than steel, why does it wear though? Not sure I understand...
  8. I thought Titanium was stronger than steel?
  9. You ain't kidding. I've never loved shooting shotgun as much as I do with the M4... I tell everyone that it almost seems that it has auto-targeting and just won't miss. Slugs or Buckshot. M4 is the love of my life for SG.
  10. If you are saying that is true for everyone, it's not. In the Commie state of NJ, we are only allowed to have 5+1.... So unless I misunderstand you once more then.... (Shrug)...
  11. Ok, so you knowing all this, what was your point?
  12. You're missing my point... No point in going Italian if you want to get 922r compliant either. http://freedomfightertactical.com/products-page/922r-compliant-full-length-magazine-tubes/
  13. $309 bux? $10 bux shipping? They are nutso.. I'll go with aftermarket USA made before I'd do that.
  14. Works fine.... Slugs and BS...
  15. That makes no sense... Titanium is stronger than steel. (I have a 3/4" FFT Titanium)...If anything would deform, it would be steel. I'm just wondering if that article's data is being misread.
  16. See that little Triangle w/Excalamtion Point in the lower left corner of posts? Hit that and report the post. An admin will get it. OR - GO HERE: http://www.benelliusa.com/forum/showgroups.php
  17. It's broke... das it! I just gave you a temp fix for now. Other than that... "no my yob"... just trying to help.
  18. It looks like they changed it to recognize a mobile device. If you notice now, instead of any http://www.benelli.... it's now tablet.benelli... thenit goes to an error 404... I haven't tried it yet, but if you use a different browser instead of Safari for instance, you can switch the browser User Agent to act like a desk type browser...
  19. http://www.dayelectric.net/M4.Operator.Manual.pdf
  20. WTF, shame on that guy! Geezus...
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