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  1. Hi gang... Seems they make these for everything except the Benelli M4 with a field stock. So unless someone found something that can do this, I'm thinking about just ordering a female stud, drilling the stock behind the receiver and epoxying in the stud. Does anyone have any intel on this. Guess what I need to know is it solid, will it compromise the strength of the stock, is there anything in the way, etc., etc... Thoughts? Ideas? We have all these neat things like the new AVATactical Adapter, Surefire80, etc.. But nada for the folks with field stocks. (Ehem, here in the communist state of NJ, that's all we can have on a semi everything else)....
  2. You can add another flashlight to the list that fits well. The Streamlight 88850 Polytac 130 Lumen..... Fits on at tailcap... Got decent reviews as a shotgun light... Great for the money... http://www.streamlight.com/product/product.aspx?pid=159 [ATTACH=CONFIG]2367[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]2368[/ATTACH]
  3. Think you misunderstood the sling deal. I don't need the thread through sling attachment. Just that it could stay on... It was an observation because the cops I was explaining the magpul qd... he never seen one. He was using the cheap blackhawk cheapo thread through. I use QD.. The rest were observations as well. I wanted to point out the tightening would cause you not to be able to unscrew a light if you mounted it onto an end cap for instance. You also could not clear too much back to the hand guards unless the light was 1" straight back unlike other mounts where they could mount in the middle. I'll have t tinker more when I get more lights to putz with. One solution for the clearence could be nothing more than a rubber collar to go around the inside of the mount to give it a 16th or so. That's saying it's not important that the clamp be flush to the other side and it's ok to be open a little as long as it's snug. All just poking around ideas... As soon as a get a light solution I'm good with, I'll bring it over to the shop and hook you guys up as promised. Okedokee? And the Benelli M4 field stock... I have no idea how thick it is, hollow, strong, etc.... to put a stud in. I also don't want to hijack your thread. I can start another one for that... lol...
  4. Got mine today. Pretty sweet. Couple observations. - You can leave factory sling mount on it you wish with clip. If you do, no need to break gun down to install new mount. Reason I put this out there is you'd be surprised how many folks still just feed regular slings through them. Was at shop today with a couple of cops and they never seen QD mounts. Go figure. - Also, very tight clearance both close to the gun and hand guards. May limit some lights. I have a few lights here to screw with. Without naming them, what I find is: Short tail caps will not enable battery change. Also, if you do have a deep enough tail cap and only way to change batts is through it, break out your torx. When tightening down onto tail cap or vicinity depending on light, it will bow the housing of the light ever so slightly enough to keep cap from unscrewing. About the short clearance of the hand guards. If there 'were' a way to mount a light with a fat arse but had a 1" body per say, ng... I know this is not over sight. Just saying. But if it were mounted away from the gun just a tad, you could open your options to more lights. I have a Streamlight Polytech on order as it got great reviews for an inexpensive weapon light for rifles and shotties. Hopefully it will be ok. With everyone pitching in, maybe we can get a nice list of what will and will not work. Over all... I like it! It works for what I want. Now if someone only made a decent female QD button (behind receiver), mount for the m4 field stock, I'd be super happy.
  5. Yep, my bad... have to check to see if there is a permanent setting for that. Doing this stuff before enough morning coffee often results in looking dumb... Thanks... ;-)
  6. AV, I'm not sure you are getting my, (our) PMs... Please advice. There might be a problem with you having the .com in your tag name... My sent PMs are not showing in my sent folders for you.... Let us know because I'm interested as well..
  7. I Like! Like to be on the list.... Been using BLAM and would love this instead. All features work it seems. Especially not having to use tools to break gun down... Nice job!
  8. Damn, those are expensive. The Rems were for a box of 25 and not that expensive. I did recently get an email from Brownells saying they won't be getting them any more. Shame. They are perfect. Glad I got them when I could.
  9. Same here.. bought a box of 25... they are nice. Just get on the alert list so when they come in, you can nab them.
  10. Then the only thing I can suggest is strength training. Telling it who's boss is, is the key I think. Being strong and being able to dig in better may help. Core strengthening and the works as you need strength from more than one place in your case. Otherwise, I'm lost other than go with lighter loads. Wish I knew what else to say...
  11. Wow, they made ya lug a saw... geezus. Anyway, surprised you feel it as much. I hated shotguns for sooooo long. Not that I don't own others and shoot them, I just didn't enjoy the kick. I have many injuries and some of which are in my shoulders... Started out as bursitis now an occasional rotater cuff issue. But the M4, wow... I've always considered that the kick was equal to or only a tad more than my .306 sniper rifle. It's been a dream for me to shoot and I can shoot that thing all day. I've had every type of round through it. Guess ya just really have to plant your feet into it more. I'm not sure of they have them because really haven't looked. Would a thicker pad help? I'm be more than happy to donate one for you. Is it the abuse on your shoulder or just the kick that bugs you?
  12. Start hitting the weights/dumbells... if you don't already. Start strengthening your core and upper body... (shoulders, arms, etc..) Be easier on ya if you tell it who the boss is. I have so many people tell me that my rifles and shotguns are too heavy... I tell them the same thing... Hit the gym... Also, put a 2 point tactical sling on it if you haven't. Help take some of the weight off ya in between shots if you need a rest.
  13. Oh no...... Do not sell or trade it. They are hard to come by in these parts. I love my M4 and would never sell it for an AR or any other weapon. I'd rather sell my blood. That is by far the best shotgun I've ever held/shot... I would find stuff you can ebay to death and save little by little for an AR.. there are plenty reasonably priced ARs out there... Take your time and be proud of that M4! It's a keeper! But if a job is a problem, getting worry about another gun is by far the most important thing in your life. Look at it this way... it will protect you forever!
  14. Your best bet is youtube. There are plenty Benelli vidz there doing the same. Some might be the ones you have seen.
  15. bhunted

    Gun Stories

    Saw it, was pretty good. Had the Italian reps on there talking about the history and quality control, the origination and such. Of course Joe does a good job too. They prob rerun it. Keep eyes peeled. DVRs are your friend.
  16. or bore polisher... http://www.mscdirect.com/browse/Abrasives/Coated-Non-Woven-Abrasives/Flap-Wheels/Bore-Polishers?navid=12100124+4288199779
  17. How about flap wheels similar to this. Different companies offer different sizes and grits.. http://www.totalindustrialsupply.com/Tiger_Mounted_Flap_Wheels_80_Grit_p/804-52004.htm
  18. Not a fan of Fiocchi, but that's just me. My 1911 hates Fiocchi 45 acp yet my HKs eat it up. So maybe just weird co-in-ka-dink...?
  19. Surprised you had probs with low recoil 00... I've thrown everything threw it including low recoil LE loads. Never a prob. Thought that was one of the concepts of the ARGO system...
  20. I keep a Tactical Trulock Choke on mine and use rifled slugs with no probs yet... http://www.trulockchokes.com/tactical-c-24.php?osCsid=ceb289f7dc6be401bddbe4721d379378 [ATTACH=CONFIG]2228[/ATTACH]
  21. Bingo! Thanx SD... This is my point... I did say that as well... But hey, whatever. Owned multiple online stores... Guess I know nada...
  22. Little bit different when you are dealing direct with vendors like I did. If a manufacturer says Suggested Retail is $49.99 and most places are selling it for that and charge nothing for shipping a small item like the charging handle and then someone else sells it for lets say $45.99 and then charges $9 for shipping, what would you do? Most vendors I dealt with could care less if you sold over suggested because they figure if you could get away with it, good for you. But if you wanted to compete, you had to stay lower within their margins...example, 10%.... Everything I sold gave me favorable profit margins and I gave everyone the best prices around. So to answer your question: I'd rather see someone sell it for suggested retail and use real rates rather than gouge. I'm a big internet shopper as well as retailer. I've seen plenty of people walk away when they saw inflated shipping prices. If not that, when they say Free Shipping then at the check out, say $10 handling fee. One pocket from the other. Makes no difference which way you cut it. In Freedom Fighters example, I paid what he asked for because I was sure I wanted one and nobody had what I wanted. So there was no choice. Believe me... I want everyone to make a profit. But not be overly crazy. 2 stamps in a poly envelope would have got it here the same way for under a dollar.
  23. That is nuts... I had 3 online stores and shipped some of my items myself as I was a one man army. I charged actual shipping. Today with USPS Click and Ship, a free service from the Post Office, shipping fees are discounted and they will send you all the free Priority Mail boxes you want. Remember that commercial where they brag about their flat rates? If you can get 70lbs into a box, it's still the same rate and STILL cheaper than $9... Anything else, as far as packing a small item in a small box, that is part of the business and part of my pay check. You don't even need packing materials for it. Let it bounce around in a box and it will still be fine. Or wrap it in old newspaper... Some places just try to squeeze out every penny they can get and I think that is wrong. As a previous online dealer, I heard from a lot of people. Some people would enter things into their cart and see ridiculous shipping and they'd go elsewhere. But when you are the sole provider of a product, they feel that you'll pay it one way or another. I never felt right gouging and never did.
  24. Mine are from Benelli... they were actually cheaper than buying direct from Mepro... It's Benelli packaging and indicates made by Mepro...
  25. Yep, ez peezy install. I have them on my M4...
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