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  1. ordered march 5, received jan 27. not worth it, buy from somebody else
  2. Ordered beginning of March, got a shipping notification 12/22............still nothing and have been advised 2 different times I would have it by now. Wonder how Kip would feel if he sent me the tube and then I would pay.........10+ months later.
  3. I agree completely, rarely do I run a course with the side saddle unless its an extremely long course requiring 40+ shells or its a stage where you have to go to bolt lock after every target. I've been practicing with the quad load from AP customs but so far my favorite method is using Cali Comp loaders.
  4. Nordic nova extension. With ghost load the gun holds 11 in that setup.
  5. Nope, doesn't interfere lefty or righty. My grip is generally at the very front of the foregrip.
  6. This is my 3gun setup. I also have a combat setup which is basically the same minus the tube extension but I add a single point sling and a breacher choke. Let me know what you guys think. [ATTACH=CONFIG]2447[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]2448[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]2449[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]2450[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]2451[/ATTACH]
  7. Love the setup.....how much does it weigh full fed, sling, and stuffed side saddle (and don't forget to ghost load)?
  8. AVATactical...truly great product and obviously you're someone who uses sound skills to find solutions. Let me pose another challenge from the Benelli M4 community....not to get to far off-track but a light weight, low profile, field strip-able, heat shield. Something that would allow for a modern grip technique thus facilitating better quick acquisition shooting. Obviously you have a lot going on now but just wanted to put something in the back of your mind : )
  9. So Oct 5th I requested an update regarding my order made March 2nd. I was told shouldn't be more than 4 or 5 weeks. Still nothing and they are taking new orders. Feels like.........I am losing faith in Kip.
  10. Got an update from Marcy. The rest of Feb orders should ship over the next 4 to 5 weeks then March orders get going.
  11. Anybody............anybody................Bueller?
  12. Everybody and their brother has an AR-15, only bad-a$$es have Benelli M4s. You want a rifle, buy slugs for your M4 and drill nails at a 100 yards brother. I have seen more people smile from ear to ear after doing fl mag dump out a M4 than any other weapon except a 50 cal. Benelli M4 = Priceless
  13. I had the same concerns when I first picked up my m4 but I made sure to put at least 150 rounds of the heaviest stuff I could find through it (3" Super Slugs/Buck). I avoided shooting from a bench or sandbag to avoid the collarbone hickey. After that, it has run everything including the cheapest game load "super sale" crap. I was also extremely worried about sending a piece of my new benelli downrange by using the wrong chokes with slugs but after having shot probably close to 1000 slugs in competition or for fun, I can assure you there is no issue using the stock modified choke it comes with. Just make sure to clean the barrel regularly as it will quickly build up wadding and carbon like a champ (be especially careful if using a ported choke). Second best purchase for a benelli m4(next to ammo) is a bore snake.
  14. I did the same and used a touch of purple loctite on the treads as mine loosed up after two days of practical shotgun matches. Ever since, hasn't budged a mm.
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