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  1. Cool vid Unobtanium. Thats the first time Ive seen the Scalarworks on the M4, looks sexy! Im on a waiting list for the RMR mount from them.....cant find one anywhere! I also need a metal trigger guard:(
  2. Like StrangerDanger said, the M4 stock assembly is a pain in the butt to get apart....I found that holding the flame of a Bic lighter from underneath was the easiest way of heating the Loctite up before removal. This is a picture of what the hardware looks like once you get it out of the M4...(minus the silver nut and washer) I just pulled this out because Im adding a Mesa to a M4..
  3. It works out well indeed, I did it on a M3 a few years back. I cut the unit in half and welded it back together in a different configuration for this particular project...I shortened the lop about an inch so adjusting it was necessary so that it would fit and didnt rub my arm. [ATTACH=CONFIG]3357[/ATTACH]
  4. Hello everybody, thank you all for such a wonderful forum filled with great information and helpful Benelli owners! Ive owned my Benelli M3 now for over 15 years now and love it. For the last five or so Ive been contemplating the purchase of an M4 to see if Ive been missing out on anything. Ive had FTF with my M3 over the years, it surly doesn't like low-brass and I cant help but think its all because of the inertia operated platform. Money is tight but Ive always been a "eggs in one basket" type of guy, meaning Id rather own one very good product rather than a bunch of so-so or average products. So I study and save for the best. A few weeks ago I bit the bullet and purchased a brand new Benelli M4 H2O (11795). I had told myself that if I were to buy one; it would be one of the more water proof/friendly offerings. I wouldn't kick myself this time over NOT spending a little more for this feature. Besides, if your spending this kinda money on a shotgun you might as well buy the undercoating right? I don't really care for the look of the silver tone H2O, Im a black/grey gun fan. But I figured that if Im gaining unparalleled weatherproofing Id compromise. So by now most of you have figured out why Im "bummed out"....somehow the studying I had done failed to interject the fact that the new H2O models are not NP3 treated like I thought but simply Ceracoated in a silver NP3 color. Its almost misleading. Sure, the Ceracoat may add a little extra protection but I can think of plenty of colors Id rather have had it Ceracoated in. How does Ceracoat compare to NP3? First world problems...whining about the color of your new $2000.00 shotgun. Also, when did they start making the Trigger guards out of used milk jugs? Where can I buy a metal one?
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