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  1. Got mine today. Works great!
  2. Gunbroker has a "Buy Now" one for $2500.
  3. Again, I see nothing wrong here. The OP feels wronged and thats ok. Try to buy an M4 today. If you are lucky you will only pay $800-$1200 too much. Too much or todays prices? Will the price ever return to normal? Want to wait? Thats OK! Want it NOW? Buy it. For once in my life I was lucky and got my M4 last December for $1799 and my collapsable stock from Benelli Parts for $399. If they have something I want I will buy from them again without hesitation. I also bought a lifetime (or more) of ammunition preparing for Hillary. My tough decision now is when to sell some. Years ag
  4. This is simple to me. If you want what you want when you want it pay the going price. He or his partner can make more profit with what is going. Can't afford it, don't buy it. I'm a moderator another site and the comments about ammunition are amazing. Guys' coming unglued over $1 a round 9mm. Should have bought it during the Hillary scare.
  5. No worries.....just ship to me when you have a winner. Thanks!
  6. Two on Gun Broker $1399 and $1499. So in today's crazy market that looks like the price. Trying to find one for $789 would be a miracle. In less than 10-days based on how the election goes you could pay less or maybe double.
  7. Got mine this past April. It's rock solid.
  8. I think this is still the law: NY Penal Law § 270.00. There is no state license requirement for the possession of a rifle or shotgun, so long as the rifle has barrel(s) at least 16 inches in length and the shotgun has barrel(s) at least 18 inches in length
  9. Gunbroker......could cost you a few hundred more than normal. I aways think that I didn't pay too much I just bought it too early. Fortunatley I got my second one in January. Prices and availability are not going to get better anytime soon. If Joe wins anytime soon may be never.
  10. I hate waiting also. I'm more inclined to pay more and get it now.(Gotta love Gunbroker) I tell myself I didn't spend too much money I just bought it too early. So far my way overboard preparation for Hillary is paying off.
  11. DaveD9

    Wtb Ava mount

    email me at [email protected] I'll make you an offer you can't refuse.
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