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  1. I have pre-ordered a few things from the site. I just got notification tonight that the trigger set has been shipped. It took 20 days not counting the day I placed the order. No biggie and that’s well within the advertised wait time. It looks like a few of us are waiting on the c-stock but we just have to be patient. I wouldn’t worry about them filling the order if that is your concern.
  2. Did you mean to post the same video twice or is there a second video? Also your thread title is super long it was cut off. I just wanted to make sure I didn’t miss any juicy info!
  3. I saw those pics over on social media. I kind of cringed when I saw it because that is one part I haven’t changed out yet for that reason after going thru the forum topics. I don’t have big meaty construction hands so I will be going with the 1/2” handle when I get to it. At least anyone that sees his M4 knows he shoots it and means business!
  4. Okay thanks all! I ordered mine from Briley. It came with the two pins which I made certain was in there based off of previous posts. No logo and I don’t recall there being an option with or without the logo. It didn’t really matter but this post made me wonder which one I was getting. 🤔
  5. Sorry curious mind over here. Is the no logo a rarity or something they did after the initial production? I just got mine today and it looks the same in the pictures above.
  6. Awesome and very informative! I definitely appreciate you walking us through your choices and why. I hope to be there soon but I’m waiting on the back log for some of these items. No biggie I can wait.
  7. I ordered the A&S trigger guard and the TTC carrier yesterday. 😬 I just got lucky is all. The owners son is currently a TAC-P for the Air Force and that sparked conversations once I had started providing documents for the background check. I’m not a TAC-P - just want to clarify that and that’s not an insult either. Those dudes are badass! But we talked for a while and I told him I was retiring this year and that I wanted to get back into shooting. I got the last one in stock and without telling me he knocked a few bucks off. Pretty cool right!?!
  8. This is kind of why I just went ahead with the 11707 and just accepted that I would have to go down the road of 922r compliance. Im not a lawyer nor am I an ATF rep...with that out of the way my own interpretation of 992r was around the assembly of the shotgun. I personally thought the 11721 came with a solid tube and c-stock and being “LE” and was the reason why it was exempt from 922r. I didn’t know it just came with the +2 extension. I was using a previous SD post to become familiar with all the different 117xx. Which can be found here: https://forums.benelliusa.com/topic/23109-ben
  9. Nice Arthur! I couldn’t find the 11721 here locally but but did see a few on gunbroker. I’ll probably end up spending the same amount if not more getting it there but that just means more enjoyment of building the gun out- even if it means a few f-bombs slip out. I don’t know if I got a good price or not but I did pay $1500 NIB and for me personally the gun was worth every cent. I did purchase a two gun case from Case Club and snagged it off Amazon as “Used-like new” saved me about 50-60 bucks. Nothing wrong with the case.
  10. I’m retiring from the military soon and figured I would reward myself. I was finally able to locate a M4/11707 last week and now the project begins. BTW > StrangerDanger - your wheelhouse of knowledge has been greatly appreciated and so have a few others. I’ve been ranking my priorities for upgrades 1. ORDERED - CC Ti 7+1 tube/follower/wolf spring: awaiting backlog like everyone else. The wait won’t kill me... 2. ORDERED- Muzzle this really wasn’t a priority but saw they were in stock. Ordered from benelliparts and it shipped the same day. I love that! 3.
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