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  1. I have checked ebay a few times - same insanity over there with even the New Zealand clone going for $500 plus. Sitting out the madness for now. These are the beanie babies of the gun world. About the only place to get them at a (ahem) "reasonable" price is to luck out on benelli parts dot net if you can find the 30 second window they open for pre-order. Not too happy that FFT being a re-seller (as well as the Benelli OEM site I believe) requires LE creds to buy the collapsable stock, but that's their prerogative. What boggles my mind is that no one is making a solid, reliable
  2. Yikes! Time to sit this out and watch the trust fund babies scrum for it.
  3. Sooooo... the M1014 has a collapsable stock that won't collapse because of the fixed length recoil tube, and the 11707 has a 3-position recoil tube with a standard stock...? You can't make this stuff up. 😝
  4. Same - order placed 3/5. I sent an email a couple days ago to make sure I hadn't missed a call or email. They were very nice explaining the delays and challenges they're facing. I was told to expect a call (850 area code) early to mid June.
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