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Thread: Beretta Extrema Vs Beretta Extrema 2

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    Default Beretta Extrema Vs Beretta Extrema 2

    Please forgive my ignorance but I need a clarification. Are the Beretta Extrema and the Beretta Extrema 2, two seperate weapons ? Or are some people just leaving off the 2 ?

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    Default extrema

    i think the exterma shoots 3 inch and the extrema2 shoots up to 3.5. that may be wrong but that was how i understood it.

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    both the Extrema & Extrema 2 have a 3.5'' chamber, the Extrema 2 is an updated version that has a little bit different look and is lighter.

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    You could liken it to the SBE and the SBE II from Benelli.

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    Does anybody know if the Kick-off system is available for the Extrema 1 ?

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    I don't believe it is, but your best bet for Beretta questions is at Shotgun Worlds forums.

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    I was looking for their Forum but could seem to find it. Thanks for the info.

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    Quote Originally Posted by photopro View Post, do you think we could wear socks ????? !!


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