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What is best?


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What is the best semi-auto shotgun in your opion for hunting\gereral shooting? And is the Benelli video "Simply Perfect" fact or fiction. The reason I ask is it sounds to good to be true :eek:.One last thing, how are the ergonimics of the M2 and SBEII?



M2. You don't need 3.5" shells anymore since tungsten.

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Most folks who shoulder a Benelli for the first time liken the experience to being jammed into Heidi Klum on a crowded city bus.

Yeah, they're ergonomic.


The ergonomics honeymoon ends abruptly when they fire their first heavy field load through them.


The are lightweight, comfortable, fast swinging, good feeling shotguns.


They are generally very reliable afield, as long as you take reasonable care of them.

There are fewer things to break and go wrong than there are in gas-operated guns, and all the carbon and gunk go out the end of the barrel instead of being routed back into the gun.


Benelli has millions fans and a handful of detractors.

Therein lies their proof of value.

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My Super Black Eagle II is the most elegant gun I have. It is light reliable and a joy to shoot. I have a Super Nova pump as well and find it a joy to shoot as well. But since my shotguns are only Benelli's I am a little bias. I did have a Remington 870 prior to Benelli but no comparison. Sold the Remington to someone who hardly shoots and I am very happy with the change.

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Wow thanks for helpiing me out. Another question, How is recoil with 23/4in shells compared to other shotguns?

I am a waterfowler and a relatively new Benelli owner. I was curious about the recoil on my M2 Field, so I did some excessively unscientific research with a 4 box case of cheapo Winchester 2 3/4. I took out my M2 Field, my Rem 1100, and my Rem 870. I do not know the exact weight of any, but my 870 and 1100 are definitely heavier. Running identical loads through each, I found the recoil to be comparable between the M2 and 870 with the 1100 shooting much softer (added weight and gas system). The inertia system definitley hits harder than gas, but gun weight (and fit) is just as important as evidenced by the pump and auto feeling the same. That's what I found on my *****s to oranges comparison.


Running the cheapo winchester bulk crap from wally world, my magnum 1100 had a few failure to feeds, reminding me why I bought the M2. They are a little lighter than what Benelli says will function reliably, but I have had zero issues. I can't go with the Nova fans... I'll stick with my cheap, reliable, never failed, accessories galore available 870 when it comes to a pump, but I will not give up my M2 for anything except another Benelli!

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