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R1 Wishlist - List what you'd like to see changed or added


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1. Synthetic Stock

2. Definitely more Calibers ( .3 WSM , 25-06 , 243 )

3. Bore guide

4. Current bugs fixed in new models ( forearm screw and gloss finish on inside -for easier cleaning )

5. Separate R1 forum

6. 200$ check for Tucker301 - for a tip on that darn safety switch for LH users :D


Vermont Dispensary

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1. Tang mounted safety/ANY safety set up for lefties.

2. Synthetic/stainless/camo versions

3. More calibers (short magnums).

4. Separate R1 forum

5. An owner's manual that doesn't assume I already own a benelli shotgun. (in particular as concerning setting up the stock for individual tastes).

6. Open sights that come WITH the rifle, not an extra to purchase later.

7. Extra clip that comes WITH the rifle...

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Addendum to wish list for R1:


1. Muzzle break.


my Romanian Romak 3 in 7.62x54 goes back to aim point upon completion of the shot. The R1 in 30.06 needs a little more searching ot get right back on. I wear walker power muff quads while hunting, so accentuated blast noise is not a consideration for me.

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After using my rifle in the field a couple of days, I'm ammending my list with one more item:


1. Hinged magazine compartment, or hinged floorplate with removable magazine. Sooner or later, this thing's going to end up in the mud or snow!


2. Also agreeing with fortyacres on the extra clip and the muzzle break.

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I haven't had mine very long (30 days).

I wanted it bad enough to spend the money even though it didn't have all weather charictoristics.

so here goes.

1. Same gun only with Stainless components.

2. A BOSS Type Weighted muzzle break for 30-06 & up.

3. Comfort Tech stock.

4. Synthetic Cammo Stock and Forarm.

5. More readily available accessories.

6. Swing door for Magazine.

7. Easier dissasembly of the cylinder. Ie. No tool needed.

8. Standard during purchase custom fitting, with all the available optional shim and recoil pad lengths.

9. Adjustable trigger similar to Savage.

This would be sweet. even if it cost 6-8 hundred more I would Trade mine for it. ;)

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Very nice Idea on the DiamondKote.

#7 If my memory serves me correctly there is a lock ring that you need a tool for (that I don't have) dissasembling the piston for cleaning. It seems to me there was enough room to place a couple of tangs on the ring so that no tool would be required.

Did I read you correctly you think that there is a SS/Synthetic Combo available?...

Thanks for your post will look for the photoshop. & will very seriously consider the DiamondKote I need some answers from the people at MRARMS concerning tolerances etc. $200.00 dollars is very reasonable and if it can withstand what they say sounds better than SS.

Is this the material used on the Glock or some other proprietary coteing.

Thanks Again;


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I asked the same questions regarding tolerances and although I have deleted the response, I recall that they were well within what I considered to be acceptable.


No, there is no SS/Synthetic combo at this time.


#7 - On mine, the forearm is removed, then it becomes the tool to loosen the piston retaining cap by inserting the sling mount pin into the hole.

I have seen some models with a slightly different design which would not allow this to work.

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Tucker I just took mine apart to verify that I wasn't completely baked.

On #7 I didn't describe it correctly. I believe there is a cylinder with a gas port that is permanately attached to the barrel with the Barrel Lock Follower Assembly that must be screwed in to align the red dots. Once this is removed and the barrel taken from the receiver, there remains a piston assembly (303W) on mine this gets quite dirty inside after only 40 or so shots. To Get it apart I believe you either must remove the snap wring and or the "O"Rings (302W & 270W)

One might also get it apart by removing (295W & 296Wand maybe even 298W) and sliding the assembly apart from the other end. Maybe this is what is more reasonable than trying to go over the "O"Rings. If you can tell what I'm talking about now maybe you can describe how you clean yours. It looks like a potential problem area. So far all I have done is clean what I can reach with a que tip and run some lubricant through it and wipe it up without dissassembling it.

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I slide the piston assembly over the o-rings to remove it frome it from the cylinder plunger pin. If the rings are dirty or dry, I clean them and apply a drop or two of oil before removing the piston assembly.

I have never disassembled the piston assembly into its sub-parts, but that would require the removal of the snap ring.




[ 04-27-2005, 08:40 PM: Message edited by: tucker301 ]

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My wife is after me to go to bed so I will just quickly respond.

I cannot slide the piston assembly over the "O" rings. They might be to big or something. I'm concerned about damaging them.

Good Night and thanks for all your posts.


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I can't use synthetic stocks. I seem to not be able to put my head in the same place each time because the synthetic is durable but uncomfortable and I can't find that spot where i sighted it in if its not the perfect comfy position. does anyone know what I'm saying?


but what I would like to see is a .416 rem mag on an R1

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