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SBE II cast and drop question...


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so I took my SBE out for some target practice today. It's shooting high and to the right. does anyone know which shims should be used and how much each shim will change(lower) the shot?


Do you have an owners manual handy? If not, I would suggest downloading one off of the Benelli website. This will give you some good and accurate info on the various combinations of shims. Also, consider that technique or lack thereof may be at fault here. After all, even though easier to hit with than a handgun or possibly a rifle, the shotgun still requires proper "method(s)" when it comes to shooting consistently and accurately. After all, if everybody could hit point of aim, whether it be shotguns, rifles or handguns, there would be absolutely no need for pracitice!!

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You have been given the correct advice already - read your manual :)


But, if you are using the beads, don't expect much change as drop and cast only really work for shooters that don't use the bead.


I've been able to get some nominal change (useful for turkey hunting) from drop and cast adjustments when using the beads to aim, but I get better results when adjusting for pure wingshooting where the beads are generally not used.

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Do you have the gun setup for RH (cast-off) or LH (cast on)?


Benelli shotguns are Italian shotguns. Europeans typically sight their guns differently than do Americans.

Try stacking the beads and leaving the entire target visible just above them, like sighting a pistol or rifle.

Don't cover the target with the beads.

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I opened the butt end of the gun today to give the different shims a try (to see which is a better fit for me) I believe that the Z's were initally in the gun. I don't remember if it was set up for right hnd or left. i was to focused on making sure that I followed the steps in my manual correctly so i didn't lose any hardware or put it back incorrectly. after testing them I found that the C shims worked the best for me. when shouldering the gun it seemed as the the front and rear bead almost lined up perfectly and i was "down in the sight" a bit more. i'm going to take the gun out to shoot tomorrow and see how it works out.


Tucker301, you made a good point to me which i forgot about, which is aiming below the target (6 o'clock). I was told to do this when i went through my hunters safety course a long time ago and with how much I have been using a rifle where it has been put it where to want the bullet to hit, I've forgot about that tiny piece of information. thanks for all of your input guys, i will let you know how it works out.

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Leftyone, What happened with your adjustments? From what I have read about shotgunning, cast and drop are adjustments that are made due to your body dimensions, not if the gun shoots straight or not. Siting in a shotgun from a vise would not make sense at all. Have you picked up a copy of the Orvis wingshooters guide? I too am a lefty and am looking for a good autoloader, any suggestions?

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