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Benelli M4 SBS


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Got my approval and completed the engraving and got the barrel on. Trying to decide which handguard to go with.....original or FAB Defense. When I had the barrel shortened, he also ported the end with 10 ports on both sides. I hope to get it to the range this week and see how she performs.


Which HG do yall like? If I keep the FAB HG, I will change to another foregrip...not sure which one though.







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If it runs reliably, the FAB grip.


Now all you need is a GG&G bolt release, Larue FUG vfg, and an aimpoint t1 in a larue mount, probably medium height ... and a surefire 6p with 256 lumen replacement head mounted offset on the side.


Then you'd have the best possible shotgun imo :)


But very nice.

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Put about 50 rounds down range today.....1oz Slugs at 50 yards held around 4-5"...and the 00 pattern at 15 yards was perfect. The recoil was cut dramatically and follow up shots were really fast. 7 rounds fired as fast as possible was also very controllable, smooth, and accurate.


Overall, and unbelievable small but potent package.



The charging handle is a Design Concepts...formerly Progressive Machine and Tool. Having both the GG&G and PMT/DC, I find this one to be better built and sized right.

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Interesting issue...


After shooting the other day I removed the barrel and handguard together and I noticed the FAB HG was keeping the pistons from operating (grooves in HG not properly cut and put pressure on the edge of pistons keeping them from moving), so while shooting, it was operating from recoil only and not the gas.


No problem. I removed the FAB HGs and did a little dremel action on the inside of the HGs so the pistons would free float. I then put the HGs on and again ensured the pistons moved with the HGs on tight and they did.


I then shot it the other day and noticed it kicked a little harder then when I previously shot it. I would have thought that with the gas system operating that the recoil would have been even less but this is not what it felt like.


Any thoughts on this?


I also contemplated, if safe, to possibly pinning the pistons in the closed position so that the M4 only operated by the recoil if it does in fact shoot smoother that way.


Any thoughts on this?




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Guest cleefurd

I would not recommend pinning the pistons. Even if doing so had no potentially destructive outcome, which may be the case, it seems reasonable to assume that pinning may render it impotent with light loads. That's when the gas system shines, and gives the required kick to further assist recoil in cycling. I like the top picture. Less is more, and compliments the package. SLEEK!!!

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