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12 Gauge M2 Field vs. Super Black Eagle II


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Hello. I'm really new guns, and I mainly started using shotguns for dove/ quail hunting and whatever else.


I was interested in these two guns, the 12 gauge M2 Field and the Super Black Eagle II, but I can't really find a significant difference between the two. Can someone please tell me what the main difference is?


And my other question is about the Comfort Tech system. I shoot lefty and was wondering if the system differed for left and right handed shooters. I'm fine using a right or left, the only thing I'm thinking about is whether the Comfort Tech thing for lefties is different than the one for righties, and how that would affect me.


Thanks for any help you can give me!

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Go foe the SBEII. The difference is the SBEII will shoot 3.5 mag shotgun shells. Even though you will only be shooting light loads for the small birds. One day you might want to goose hunt with a larger load.


Question number 2, the lefty version is specific to a left shoulder. If you look the bottom of the link you can read about the specific design for the left hand shooters.


Hope that helps

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Wow. Thanks for that.

I was thinking of getting the SBEII. Do you think it's worth the extra $300 for it? I think I might be able to find it somewhere for cheaper, but that would probably be a right-hand model.

I'll check out the prices for it first, but I think I'm fine with either gun really.


Thanks again for your help

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I can tell you this being a new SBE II owner and left handed as well. Though I have never shot the M2 (or used one) the SBE very user friendly, light, easy to load/unload (i'm new to semi-auto's), clean, versatile, etc. I can't picture myself buying a new shotgun or using another one til this one dies out on me and we all know how these guns last.

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