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I'm looking at shotguns. Was considering a sbe or sbe II or a browning gold. I left a post hoping to get some advice but received no responses. However after reading all of these other posts I am really concerned about the quality control of benelli. It sounds like an awfully lot of problems for such expensive guns.

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I have a M1 and I am buying a SBE II tomorrow. My M1 has been thru **** and back, I have hunted it for 4 years in some really bad conditions. One season I had to search the bottom of the river for it for about 10 minutes before I found it and it keeps on performing like a champ other than the problem that I am having with remington shells it is an awesome gun. For the last few years I have wanted a gun that would shoot the 3.5 inch shells and with the new SBE II's out I am sold. If I only have to clean up a recoil pad and change a spring thne to me it is still worth it.

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I've shot all the guns that you mention buying and hands down the SBEII is the best. With the amount of guns produced by Benelli it's only natural that somebody isn't going to be satisfied. I started a thread about the barrel finish but I'd still go buy another SBEII if mine fell into the Abyss. The GoldHunter is a POS if you ask me. Kicks like a mule and is known to "freeze" up in cold weather. Buy a SBEII.

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Ok, ok, ok.


We all get the "Quality Control" issues at Benelli.


Here's what you want to focus on; is the gun functional?


All minor issues aside, the gun must function day in and day out.


I own a 14 y.o. SBE and a 2 y.o. SBE. Both work flawlessly for everyday shooting. I shoot 150+- ducks a year with the old SBE, and the new SBE gets plenty of work on Iowa whitetails + ducks as well.


If cleaned properly and shouldered properly, any Benelli should function properly.


With Benelli, you will have to endure some odd-ball issues like this weird butt pad slipping off and you will have to buy a few springs every now and then. But this is all pretty much maintenance stuff.


With that said, I also own and shoot two BGHs. I love both of them. The 3.5" is my turkey gun and the 3" is my back up gun and guest gun.


Both BGHs must be run wet with light gun oil to work reliably. I keep oil with me in the field. Both pattern nicely. Both have good fit and finish.


I like both brands, but Benelli would be my choice for everyday use.


I would suggest an SBE in black before they run out. I see them around here for $949.


Or the SBE II (maybe wait a few months to get the bugs out) in camo or black.


mudhen - CA

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I own 2 SBE's and my experience with each has been outstanding! Customer service is a pain to deal with, but it seems to be more of an attitude thing. Before I bought my first SBE (my first autoloader), I shopped most of the major names and I kept coming back to Benelli for one reason....reliability in the field. A mechanical action in the field made more sense to me than a gas action. I have watched many gas operated guns stop cycling when you get dirt, dust or muck in them. But my SBE keeps on cycling.


Last year in west TX I was hunting ducks/geese. One morning of the hunt it was 25 degrees, windy and muddy. The Berrata extrema fowled, the Browning gold fowled. My SBE chugged away. One hunters M1 fowled I believe because he brought it straight from the store without an initial deep clean and the factory grease/oil congealed a bit. This week I was hunting in Manitoba and guess what, my SBE didn't miss a beat, but a couple of Berrettas did. Mine even got the chamber full of mud. After wiping/skaking it out, you guessed it, my SBE chugged along with both 3" and 3.5" shells. I will wait a while before I buy a SBE ll. Benelli will work out their problems with it and I'm sure it will be as good of gun as the SBE. I recently bought my second SBE for $750. It was a steal and those type deals can be found. Reconsider to a SBE. Save some money and get a reliable gun



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CK states it pretty clearly.


The Benelli is more like a workman's tool.


Most guns will work when clean and oiled, most fail when the conditions are far less than optimal.


Turkey - I must admit, even for a gas gun, the 3.5" BGH really knocks me on my arse. Even the 3" offers stout recoil with the magnum waterfowl loads I shoot.


My SBE with 3.5" shells, with the recoil reducer in the stock, offers the same recoil as far as I can tell.


I like and own both, probably always will.


mudhen - CA

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