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Which Gun for deer Hunting


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Im looking for a a 20 gague semi auto for deer hunting.


i looked at the m2 with a rifled barrel, sure felt good.


MY concerns:

Never fired an intertia gun before, supposedly kick more?


Also heard that if the gun is the subject of some force it may come out of battery and not fire when you pull the trigger?


Is this the gun to get? or is there another Benelli or berretta to get?



Thank You



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If I were going to get a slug gun specifically for deer hunting, I believe I'd go with A Remington 870 Express or perhaps a Mossberg.


The primary concern would indeed be the Benelli's chances of getting bumped and slipping out battery.


It's one thing to miss the first shot one a flock of mallards or honkers, but to experience the Benelli click with a wallhanger in in the sights might just make you want to wrap a pretty gun around a tree.


Unless you're a girl or a frail man, I'd also recommend stepping up to a 12 ga.

I started shooting 12 ga. slugs when I was 13 and didn't have any problems with them.

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A 20 gauge slug is about the same as a 454 casul. I haven't met anyone yet that hasn't dropped what they where shoot at with the 454. 20 gauge wouldn't be any different. My uncle has shot 50+ deer in his day with his 20. He always ended up with meat on the table.


I find myself grabbing my 20 gauge Nova more and more when I go out. I'm think of taking it out turkey hunting this spring.



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If you check ballastics at Federal, Whinchester, etc. you can compare 12 vrs. 20 performance. You will see(at longer range) that a 12 is a better choice. If buying a 12 ga. a 28" twist rate is what you want for modern sabots. I never went the 20ga. route but the twist rate will be different. TarHunt web site might give you insight to best twist rates. I hunt a 4,000 ft.(arrow straight) drainage ditch in Del. and often shoot 150 to 200 yrds w/great results. Just killed a 150 lb. 8pt @147 yrds, perfrect hit, went

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I tend to agree with using a 12 gauge over 20 gauge unless you know you're shots will be under the 100 yard mark (dense woods would certainly qualify for that) but, if you may get an opportunity of over 100 yards you'll want the extra punch of the 12 gauge. If we're talking about a smooth bore gun with rifled slugs.


If we're talking about a rifled barrel then the 20 gauge will be just fine up to and beyond the 100 yard mark IMHO. Here's a good write-up for this.



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Never judge someone until you have walked a mile in his shoes.

You couldent catch me walking in your shoes ,first of all i wouldent shoot anything out of season :p and secondly its like you are braging about all the times you have , never bring a knife to a gun fight :rolleyes: WALK IN YOUR SHOES

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im not bragging about anything. im just not denying it. im not a perfect human being/liar , as some i wont bother to name. i have killed a lot of ducks when i was younger. the one i killed this month was the first in about 12-15 years. i spend very little time hunting anymore. im workin my butt off for my family 12-14 hours a day,so that what happen to my dad dont happen to me.

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