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Insight M6X laser/light feedback


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I cant comment on the m6x unit as I am using the m3x. The only thing I have noticed is that the beam seems more oval in shape than truly circular. But, this may be intentional...not sure. Maybe its to keep less light from bouncing off of the barrel. Who knows.


Im just curious...why the need for a laser system on a shotty? The m3x (same as m6x, but minus laser) has the same lumen output of the m6x and I think its also a bit shorter. But, the biggest difference is price. At Optics Planet, the M6X starts at $239 whereas the M3X starts at $118. For both of these you will need to add additional fees for acquiring the long gun version. Needless to say, it can get quite expensive.

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I mounted a tlr-2 light/laser combo on a laserlyte trirail shotgun mount and love it. I gotta tell you this thing will make the intruders s**t in their pants.Overall I chose this option because you get a light laser combo cheaper than you can even get a Surefire weapon mounted type light in my area. Also will make aiming with the collapsable stock much easier when fully collapsed. Will let you guys know how the laser works at the range and in the bright desert sun.

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